Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/26/09

1. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Blue Jean Bop (Capitol)
2. Eddie & the Flatheads: Don’t You Try (A Dazzling Cascade Of Notes)
3. Little Aron & the East River Boys: Sweet Boppin’ Marie (We’re Gonna Rock And Roll)
4. Lee Dresser & the Krazy Kats: Beat Out My Love (Damon)
5. Laura Lee Perkins: Gonna Rock My Baby Tonight (Detour)
6. Infernos: Get Ready With Those Tears (Don’t Know What You’re Missin’)
7. Tommy Lam w/ Bob Pauley & the Plantation Boys: Speed Limit (Nabor)
8. Kim Lenz & Her Jaguars: Zombie For Your Love (It’s All True)
9. Pachouco Jose y los Diamantes: Tim Mirin (Vamos A Bailor)
10. Johnny Carroll: You Said You Wouldn’t Get Drunk Patricia (Texabilly)
11. Herbie Smith: Baby Moon (Do-Ra-Me)
12. Tiny Tim & his Tornadoes: I’ve Gotta Find Somebody (Teen’s Choice)
13. Wally Willette & his Globe Rockers: Pink Elephants (Flag)
14. Hot Shots: Alone With You (Jubilee!)
15. Hopped Up: Rock And Roll Rocket (Get Gone)
16. Rhythm Bound!: Hit And Run (Born To Love You)
17. Rhythm Shakers: No Time On You (Flipsville)
18. Three Reamblers: Tom Cat Daddy Blues (Ozark)
19. Ric Cartey: Scratchin’ On My Screen (NRC)
20. Dazzlers; Something Baby (Lee)
21. Art Adams & his Rhythm Knights: Indian Joe (Cherry)
22. Ralph Jerome: Indian Rock And Roll (KP)
23. Barry Darvell: Geronimo Stomp (Colt 45)
24. Tex Neighbors: Ain’t Going That Route (Emerald)
25. Art Foster: Jay Dancing (Star Selections)
26. Vargas Brothers: Cutting Class (Viva Las Vegas 12)
27. Ralph Neilsen & the Chancellors: Scream (Surf)
28. Tumblers: Scream (Pocono)
29. Los Shains: El Monstruo (El Ritmo De Los Shains)
30. Teenage Head: Lucy Potato (s/t)
31. Angry Samoans: Todd Killings (Back From Samoa)
32. Mugwumps: Hanging Around With You (Varmint)
33. Queers: I Can’t Stand You (Love Songs For The Retarded)
34. Ashley Von Hurter & the Haters: You Really Shouldn’t Have (s/t)
35. Mummies: That Girl (Estrus)
36. Zeros: Don’t Push Me Around (Bomp!)
37. Hollywood Squares: Hollywood Square (Square)
38. Reducers: No Ambition (s/t)
39. Ivy Green Another Subculture Going Bad (s/t)
40. Gears: Let’s Go To The Beach (Four Speed)
41. Carbonas: Blackout Waiting To Happen (Douchemaster)
42. Straight Arrows: Something Happens (Juvenile)
43. Younger Lovers; Low Top Chucks And Skinny Jeans (Newest Romantic)
44. Make-Out Party!: Run Kitty Run (Play Pretend)
45. Brentwoods: Go Get Bent (Fun In South City)
46. Bunnies: Some Kind Of Fun (Deckrec)
47. Cool Jerks: Autbahn Farn (Aus Dem Weg)
48. Knockoffs: Girl In The Laundromat (Swimming In The Secret C)
49. Rantouls: Still 16 (Sunny Trees)
50. Poison Arrows: Sticky Situations (Full Breach Kicks)
51. Hunx & his Punx: Hey Rocky (Bubbledumb)
52. Bobby Ubangi: Another Girl Like You (Douchemaster)
53. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Drop In Drop Out (Tic Tac Totally)
54. Hussy: Herbie (Fistful Of Records)
55. Doctor Explosion: I Want You (Cupa Aqui)
56. Useless Eaters: Agoraphobic (Goodbye Boozy)
57. Ettes: No Home (Take Root)
58. Suicide Wrists: Uh Oh Uh Oh (Going Ga Ga)
59. Dead Clodettes: ??? (Lipstick Pickup)
60. Loli & the Chones: Everybody Hates Me (Rock And Roll Genocide)
61. Digger & the Pussycats: Better Off Dead (Killed By Trash)
62. Aversions: Murder Of A Mannequin (Ex Nhilo Nhil)
63. Avengers: Fuck You (The Complete Recordings)
64. Beat Beat Beat: Don’t Tell Me Now (Ron’s House)
65. Nervous Tics: California Girls (Meaty Beaty)
66. Perosnal & the Pizzas: I Ain’t Takin’ You Out (Rob’s House)
67. Radio Faces: She Kissed Me And It Felt Just Like A Slap (Party At The Bushwick Hotel)
68. Features: I Wanna Be Your Man (Paradox)
69. Armitage Shanks: She’s Too Perfect (Talkin’ The Piss)
70. Anna & the Psychomen: You’re Nothing But A Stupid Girl
71. Retainers: Waste Of Time (Fasionable Idiots)
72. Skunks: Earthquake Shake
73. Teeners: Gold (Super Secret)
74. Sudden Walks: Do You Feel So Dead (FDH/P.Trash)
75. Beat Killers: Gimme A Kiss
76. Crucials: Every Night (Give Me A Keg Of Beer)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/19/09

1. Kim Lenz & her Jaguars: Shined Up And Ready To Shout (It’s All True)
2. Rhythm Shakers: The Rockaround (Flipsville)
3. Esquerita: Golly Golly Annie Mae (Capitol)
4. Don “Pretty Boy” Covay w/the Lee Simms Orchestra: Switchin’ In The Kitchen (Big)
5. Louis Reed: Your Love (Norton)
6. Loveless Cousins: You Made A Hit (The Wildest)
7. Boyd Ingram w/the Casinos: When I Flirt (Arc)
8. Custer Bottoms w/the Bill Woods Band: Stood Up Blues (Bakersfield)
9. Wayne “The Train” Hancock: Your Love And His Blood (Viper Of Melody)
10. El Rio Trio: High Blond Fever (The Third)
11. Sure Shots: West Coast Hop (Sure Hot)
12. Starliners: Bop Cat Bop (Rhythm Round Up)
13. Slick Adrews & the Wild Hare Millionaires: She Drives Me Crazy (Let’s Beer It Up With…)
14. Anitta & the Star Bombers: Friction Heat (What Good’ll It Do Me)
15. Ray Allen & the Blue Rhythms: Tobacco Blues (s/t)
16. Chuy & the Bopcats w/Darrell Higham: Kiss Me Quick (The Wildest)
17. N.A. Stephenson & the Four Kings: Boogie Woogie Country Girl (Westwood)
18. Jackie Lee Cochran: I Want You (Viv)
19. George Hamilton IV & the Country Gentleman: If You Don’t Know (Colonial)
20. Jimmy Wages: Mad Man (Sun)
21. Johnny Carroll & his Hot Rocks: Hot Rock (Decca)
22. Sonny Fisher: Sneaky Pete (Starday)
23. Roc LaRue & his Three Pals: Baby Take Me Back (Rama)
24. King Louie One Man Band: She’s A Big Big Bopper (Chinese Crawfish)
25. Mothballs: Clarabella (demo)
26. Von Zippers: Can’t Stand Rock And Roll (Wow ‘em Down At Franzels)
27. Outcasts: Long Tall Sally (Big Deal)
28. Rantouls: Little Green Hat (Chocolate Covered)
29. Suicide Wrists: Uh Oh Uh Oh (Going Ga Ga)
30. Dead Clodettes: Action (Lipstick Pickup)
31. Aversions: Bloodstained Shoes (Ex Nihilo Nihil)
32. Les Dragueurs: Les Menstrele Twist / Treize Gonzesses (Bache)
33. Plexi 3: Didn’t Really Matter (Tides Of Change)
34. Dee Rangers: Upside Down (Goodbye Boozy)
35. Beat Killers: She Don’t Like Me (Beat, Broken, Bruised)
36. Hussy: One Time (Science Of Sound)
37. Aggravation: Degenerated (s/t)
38. X: Your Phone’s Off The Hook But You’re Not (Los Angeles)
39. Mika Miko: Sex (We Be Xuxa)
40. TVees: She’s A Hurricane (demo)
41. Ramones: Glad To See You Go (Leave Home)
42. Ramones: You Sound Like You’re Sick (Pleasant Dreams)
43. Angry Samoans: Right Side OF My Mind (Inside My Brain)
44. Kill-A-Watts: Kill-A-Watts (Kryptonite)
45. Barreracudas: New York Honeys (Douchemaster)
46. Radio Faces: Slipping Back With You (Party At The Bushwick Hotel)
47. Ka-Nives: Dear Dad (Lance Rock)
48. Bama Lamas: Sugar Snap (20 Minute Dance Party)
49. Yum Yums: Let’s Rock And Roll (Whatever Rhymes With Baby)
50. Parasites: All The Time In The World (Solitary)
51. Riverdales: Mental Retard (Phase 3)
52. Mugwumps: Slit Your Tire (Varmint)
53. Boris The Sprinkler: Kill The Ramones (Mega Anal)
54. Tie Reds: Terilea (s/t)
55. Bob Burns & the Break Ups: At The Drive In (Dingus)
56. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Hate You (Telephone Explosion)
57. M.O.T.O.: I Hate My Fuckin’ Job (Kill M.O.T.O.)
58. Plastic Stars: Sheena Gets Around (No Front Teeth)
59. Bobby Ubangi: Greaser’s Lament (Douchemaster)
60. Mother’s Children: Something About You (Shang A Lang)
61. Ty Segall & Mikel Cronin: So, I Went To The Beach (Goodbye Boozy)
62. Fine Lines: I Got My Eye On You (s/t)
63. Billy Childish & his Famous Headcoats: Teenage Kicks (Hendrix Wasn’t The Only Musician)
64. Wau y Los Arrrrghs: It’s Great (Viven)
65. GG King: Adult Rock (Douchemaster)
66. Bitters: Can You Keep A Secret (Wooden Glove)
67. Useless Eaters: Medicate The Children (Goodbye Boozy)
68. Pointed Sticks: Real Thing (Waiting For The Real Thing)
69. Fast Cars: You’re So Funny (Coming… Ready Or Not)
70. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Sometimes (World’s Lousy With Ideas)
71. Le Face: Pull My Trigger (Isolation)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/12/09

1. Nat Couty & the Braves: Won’t You Come Along With Me (Fox)
2. Curly Coldiron & the Circle C Boys: Rockin’ Spot (Circle C)
3. Merdell Floyd: Jukebox Mama (Erwin)
4. Peanuts Wilson: Cast Iron Arm (Brunswick)
5. Wally Lee & the Hi-Liters: Oh No Daddy-O (Now)
6. Tempests: Rockin’ Rochester USA (Lifetime)
7. Round Up Boys: My Baby Keeps Knockin’ (Favorite)
8. Charlie Hightone: Devil Around (The Wildest)
9. Pachuco Jose y los Diamantes: Marijuana Boogie (Vamos A Bailer)
10. Tribal Bops: N-Nervous Guy (Complete Recordings)
11. Hal Peters & the Strange Dusters: Radio Boogie (Lonesome Hearted Blues)
12. Wayne “The Train” Hancock: Freight Train Boogie (Viper Of Melody)
13. Gene Gambler & the Shufflers: My Cousin Louis (A Joker And Three Aces)
14. Richard Berry & the Pharaohs: Louis Louis (Flip)
15. Al “Dr Horse” Pittman & the Musical Jockeys: Crazy Beat (Clown)
16. Ruby Roberson: Rheumatism (Asnes)
17. Classics: Elmo (Black Rock And Roll Meat)
18. Joe Tex & his X Classmates: Charlie Brown Got Expelled (Ace)
19. Chuck & Chuckles: Bury The Hatchet (Shad)
20. Joe Carl & the Dukes of Rhythm: Rockin’ Fever (Rocko)
21. Omar & the Stringpoppers: Connie Lou (The Wildest)
22. Carl Cherry: The Itch (Tene)
23. Art Adams & his Rhythm Knights Tutti Frutti
24. Benny Joy: Miss Bobby Sox (Tri-Dec)
25. Mother’s Children: Dance To The Rock And Roll Band (Going Ga Ga)
26. Poppets: Phone Call (Plastic Idol)
27. Beat Beat Beat: Trouble (Rob’s House)
28. Wax Museums: Traffic Violation (Douchemaster)
29. Urinals: I’m A Bug (Negative Capability…)
30. Le Face: Salvador Dali (Isolation)
31. Carbonas: Not Meant For This (Scene Killer)
32. 8Th Route Army: All Dead Radio (Chernobyl Cookbook)
33. Ramones: Teenage Lobotomy (Rocket To Russia)
34. Softball: Bright (Tenku)
35. Yum Yums: I Lied (Whatever Rhymes With Baby)
36. Teen Anger: Hot Dog Shake (Telephone Explosion)
37. Walnut Kids: Jenny You’re A Bug (Going Ga Ga)
38. Dead Clodettes: ??? (Lipstick Pickup)
39. Aversions: Left For Dead (s/t)
40. Plexi 3: We Know Better (Hozac)
41. Rantouls: Little Green Hat (Chocolate Covered)
42. Knockoffs: Rumble At The Housing Project (Secret Center)
43. Adolescents: I Hate Children (s/t)
44. Lights Out!: Just One Step Away From Paradise (Destroy Create)
45. Regulations: I Can’t Do Whatever I Want (Electric Guitar)
46. Nice Face: Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation (Scared Bones)
47. Bare Wires: Looking For Some Action (Milk n’ Herpes)
48. Hussy: One Time (Science Of Sound)
49. Mika Miko: Wild Bore (We Be Xuxa)
50. Head: Tire Shredding (Street Level Assault)
51. Veins: Action Zero (Perdus Dans La Ville)
52. Les Hatepinks: The Judge (Auto Ejected)
53. Useless Eaters: Agoraphobic (Goodbye Boozy)
54. Bobby Ubangi: Another Girl Like You (Douchemaster)
55. Teenage Lovers: I Wanna Be Your Boy (Randy)
56. Radio Faces: Bad Boy (Party At The Brunswick Hotel)
57. Krunchies: Reaffirming My Hatred Of Humanity Through Failed Relationships (In De Winkel)
58. Sedatives: Can Not Calm Down (Going Ga Ga)
59. King Tuff: Connection (…Was Dead)
60. Mark & the Spies: It’s True (I Need You (Give Me A Look)
61. Weakends: Long Dead Gone (s/t)
62. Los Hories: Cardboard Box (What’s The Time)
63. Cecillia und die Sauerkrauts: Jes Dis Hey (Sauerkraut, Wurst Und Other Delights)
64. Fliptops: Down n’ Out (All Worked Up)
65. Ty Segall & Mikel Cronin: Pop Song (Goodbye Boozy)
66. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Animal (Telephone Explosion)
67. Last Sons Of Krypton:: Neutron Bomb (4 Track Demo)
68. Guilty Hearts: Forbidden Way Out (Pearls Before Swine)
69. Eric & the Happy Thoughts: Bad Days (Randy)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/05/09

1. Shaun Horton & the Tennessee Trio: Have Myself A Time (Nothin’ But Right)\
2. Muskrats: Rock Around The Cosmos (Hot Chicks And High Speed Rockets)
3. Buck Stevens & the Buck Shots: My Baby Rocks (s/t)
4. Ronnie Hayward: I Dream Of You (Lost Utrecht Sessions)
5. Rhythm Shakers: You Have It All (Flipsville!)
6. Rockin’ Ryan & the Real Goners: She’s My Baby (You Wanted More Wild Rock And Roll)
7. Carl Mann: Ubangi Stomp (Carl Rocks)
8. Anabel & the Rock-A-Bells: Move A Little Closer (The Thrill Is Back)
9. Prentice Moreland: Holy Mack’rel (Challenge)
10. Little Richard: Ooh My Soul (Specialty)
11. Little Bebby & the Stereos: Drinking Wine Spodie Odie (No Black Money)
12. Chuck Mann: Little Miss Muffett (Leona)
13. Wayne “The Train” Hancock: Working At Working (Viper Of Melody)
14. Uncle Charlie & the Riverside Stompers: When I Saw Your Face In The Moon (Rockin’, Rollin’, Swingin’, Stompin’ With….)
15. Wailin’ Elroys: Nothin’ But The Blues (Cheap Motel)
16. Jerry Cronin & the Flashes: A-Rock-A-Me-Baby (Flame)
17. Bonnie Fussel & the Jives: Too High Class (Hammond)
18. Johnny Earl: Pull It Man (Gyro)
19. Danny & the Demons: Phelpio (Double Dee)
20. Riverside Trio: Forty Miles Away (Northwood)
21. Joe Hall & the Corvettes: Bongo Beatin’ Beatnik (Global)
22. Sneeze & Breeze: Bongo Boo Boo (Jam)
23. Piano Red: Jump Man Jump (Groove)
24. BB King: She’s Dynamite (RPM)
25. Adrian Lloyd: Lorna (Charger)
26. Missing Links: You’re Driving Me Insane (Driving You Insane)
27. A-Bones w/the’s: Hully Gully (Lance Rock)
28. Roddy Jackson: Juke Box Baby (Central Valley Fireball)
29. Washouts: The Girl Can’t Dance (I Was A Teenage Washout)
30. Bama Lamas: Bama Lama Rock (20 Minute Dance Party)
31. Teen Anger: Minimum Wage (split w/Charlie & the Moonhearts)
32. Dead Clodettes: Action (Lipstick Pickup)
33. Mika Miko: Blues Not Speed (We Be Xuxa)
34. Useless Eaters: Information Freak (Goodbye Boozy)
35. Young Governor: I’m A Mess (Plastic Idol)
36. Radio Faces: She Kissed Me And It Felt Like A Slap (Party At The Bushwick Hotel)
37. Bobby Ubangi: Back To You (Douchemaster)
38. Mark & the Spies: You Got It (Give Me A Look)
39. Bitters: Warrior (Wooden Glove)
40. Pointed Sticks: What Do You Want Me To Do (Waiting For The Real Thing)
41. Armitage Shanks: Shut Your Mouth (Takin’ The Piss)
42. Le Face: Pull My Trigger (Isolation)
43. Bundle Of Fags: Art School Asshole (Weird Hug)
44. Personal & the Pizzas: I Don’t Wanna Be No Personal Pizza (Gooc Entertainment)
45. Car Bomb Driver: I Just Wanna Be A Ramone (Official Bootleg)
46. Portugal Japan: Savage (s/t)
47. Tuff Bananas: Candy (Dusty Medical)
48. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Hate You (splt w/Teen Anger)
49. Splash Four: Suicide Doll (Filth City)
50. Hussys: Oh No (Creepy Season)
51. Happy Burger: Pizza All Around (Douchemaster)
52. Tough Shits: Heard She Kisses On The Mouth (Desert Island Discs)
53. Nobunny: Give It To Me (Hozac)
54. Epsilons: The Train (s/t)
55. Condo Fucks: Come On Up (Fuck Book)
56. Fragaplatos: Macho Rock And Roll (I Shit In The Milk)
57. Vicars: Budget Rock (Back On The Streets)
58. Trashwomen: Perversion (Spend The Night With…)
59. Davie Allan & the Arrows: Mustang ’65 (Bullseye)
60. Pyramids: Pressure (Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar)
61. Frankie Davidson & the Saphires: I Can’t Do The Twist (Land Of 1000 Dunces)
62. Jackie & the Cedrics: Sukiyaki Rock (Norton)
63. Riff Randells: You Got To Go (Mint)
64. King Tuff: Kind Of Guy (…Was Dead)
65. Barreracudas: New York Honeys (Douchemaster)
66. Younger Lovers: Hump Lights (Newest Romantic)
67. Hunx & his Punx: Movin’ On (Bubbledumb)
68. Incredible Kidda Band: Bullet In My Heart (Too Much, Too Little, Too Late)
69. Tranzmitors: Are You Gonna Take Me (Deranged)
70. Fast Cars: Everyday I Make Another Mistake (Coming… Ready Or Not)