Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/28/09

1. Invaders: Disc Jockey (Dog Bollocks Of American Rock And Roll Instrumentals)
2. Johnny & the Hurricanes: Cut Out (….feat Red River Rock)
3. Teen Beats: Girl Can’t Help It (Surf Bound)
4. Go Carts: Rockin’ Liza (Hope)
5. Aubrey A. Gas & the Hel-Cats: Corn Fed Gal (Helton)
6. Bob Regan: Tarantula (Challenge)
7. Big Al Downing & the Poe Kats: Miss Lucy (Carlton)
8. Charles Page & the Rockin’ Aces: Baby You Been To School (Goldband)
9. Buck & the Black Cats: Rock Your Cradle (Tip Up With…)
10. Poor Boys: My Baby Don’t Agree (Move Baby Move)
11. Jimmy Patton: Let Me Slide (Sage)
12. Wailin’ Elroys: Mars Cat (On The Bum)
13. Hot Stuff: Call Me Up (That Rockabilly Quartet)
14. Blue Star Boys: Love Love Love (Here Are The….)
15. Bop Tails: Crazy Rock And Roll (Ballroom Baby)
16. Wayne “The Train” Hancock: Doghouse Blues (Viper Of Melody)
17. Yuichi & the Hilltone Boys: High Priced Chick (s/t)
18. Skinny Jim & the Wildcats: She Rocks Me (It’s Doggone Crazy)
19. Raging Teens: Be Bop Boggie (s/t)
20. Bloomin’ Brothers: Bop Hop (On The Hill)
21. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: I Fell Off The Wagon (Have Knees Will Tremble)
22. Skinny Jim & the Bop Cats: Boogie Bop Dame (s/t)
23. Slingshots: Blue Eyed Country Gal (Feels So Right!)
24. Ike & the Capers: I’ll Be Lost Without You (Hello There We’re Back)
25. Loli & the Chones: Rumble In My Pants (Rock And Roll Genocide)
26. Mika Miko: Attitude (666)
27. Playmobils: Shake That Monkey (International Lifestyle)
28. Carbonas: She’s A Headache (Scene Killer)
29. Crime: Frustration (San Francisco is Doomed)
30. Offbeats: Why Do You Hang Out (Dumb Looks Are Still Free)
31. Le Face: She Was A Mutant (Isolation)
32. Last Sons Of Krypton: Teenage Trash (4 Track Demo)
33. Replacements: Get On The Stick (Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash re-ish)
34. Lights Out: Destroy Create (Destroy Create)
35. Mark & the Spies: Won’t Work On Me (Give Me A Look)
36. Bobby Ubangi: Another Girl Like You (Douchemaster)
37. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin: Pop Song (Goodbye Boozy)
38. Gut Reactions: You’re Co Cruel (Ken Rock)
39. Black & Whites: Fucked Up Heart (Shattered)
40. Barreracudas: Don’t Get Me Wrong (Douchemaster)
41. Soft Pack: On My Time (Muslims ep)
42. Transmitters: Live A Little More (Derranged)
43. Straight Arrows: Magic Septre (World’s Lousy With Ideas 7)
44. Beat Killers: Kids Are Getting Restless (Beat, Broken, Bruised)
45. Condo Fucks: Gudbuy T’Jane (Fuck Book)
46. Bama Lamas: Do The Hurt (20 Minute Dance Party)
47. Coconut Coolouts: Nerd Holocaust (Florida’s Dying)
48. Slippery Slopes: No Nerds (Florida’s Dying)
49. Dogmatics: King Size Cigarettes (Thayer Street)
50. Radio Faces: Woozy Miss Suzie (Party At The Bushwick Hotel)
51. Supercharger: Mystery Action (Gearhead)
52. Hunx & his Punx: Hey Rocky (Bubbledumb)
53. Parasites: Stuck On You (Solitary)
54. Lombardies: I Wanna Take Advantage Of You Baby (Throw Your Love Away)
55. Flips: Baby It’s Gonna Be Alright (Bancroft)
56. Daycreeper: Outerbelt (New Kids On The Block)
57. King Tuff: Animal (…Was Dead)
58. GG King: Adult Rock (Douchemaster)
59. Strange Boys: This Girl Taught Me How To Dance (….And Girls Club)
60. Turpentine Brothers: She’s Not Respectable (s/t)
61. Young Governor: Virginia Creeper (Plastic Idol)
62. Hipshakes: Hurt My Pride (Tic Tac Totally)
63. Vicars: Don’t Try To Tell Me (Back On The Streets)
64. Mugwumps: Bikini Beach Party (demo)
65. High School Lockers: Rock And Roll High School’s Radio (Never Ending Party)
66. Four Slicks: Show Me What You Got (…In Bonneville)
67. Veins: Perdus Dans La Ville (Perdus Dans La Ville)
68. Useless Eaters: Agoraphobic (Goodbye Boozy)
69. White Wires: Is Everything Square (s/t)
70. Teeners: Human Trash (Super Secret)
71. Pirate Love: Ain’t Nothing To Do (Black Voudon Space Blues)