Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/07/09

1. Dickie Damron: There’s Gonna Be A Party Tonight (Laurel)
2. Harold McKinnin w/the Remm Shots: Little Jump Joint (Carter)
3. Sugar Creek Trio: Big Fat Baby (Jumpin’)
4. Hi-Winders: Rockin’ With The Rhythm (Rockin’ With The…)
5. Al Katraz & the Breakouts: Charlie & the Bank Job (Solitary)
6. Johnny & the Thunderbirds: Fugitive (Ric)
7. Southlanders: The Wiggle (Castle)
8. Johnny O’Keefe: Shake Baby Shake (Leedon)
9. Chuy & the Bopcats: Crazy Baby (Losin’ My Mind)
10. Yuichi & the Hilltone Boys: Texabilly Baby (When The Moon Shines Over Dumas)
11. Bill Haley: Chick Safari (Warner Brothers)
12. High Noon: Baby Let’s Play House (Rockabilly Record Co)
13. Junior Marvel & his Hi-Fly Rangers: Hi Fly Bop
14. Corvairs: Slipped Disc (Twin)
15. Jessie Al Tuscan & the Lumberjacks: I Ain’t Got No Money (Nobody’s Lover)
16. Johnny Brunette: Come On Baby (Crazy Date)
17. Barnshakers: Heart Trouble (String-O-Rama)
18. Sprague Brothers: I Don’t Care (The Sweet Sounds Of Sugarballs)
19. Flatfoot Shakers: Wild Wild Wild (Let’s Got To Planet Bop)
20. Haywoods: Chicken Lickin’ (Drinkin’, Cryin’ And Moanin)
21. Kavaliers: Get Your Feet Off Of Me (Party Party Party)
22. Don & the Goodtimes: Hi Heel Sneakers (Original Northwest Sound)
23. Rantouls: Chug A Lug (Chocolate Covered)
24. Cecilia und die Sauerkrauts: Je Dis Hey (Sauerkrauts, Wurst and Other Delights)
25. Bundle Of Fags: Attitude (Weird Hug)
26. Le Face: Tylenol Killer (Isolation)
27. Los Hories: Bleed For You (What’s The Time)
28. Micragirls: Teenage Tiger (Feeling Dizzy, Honey?!)
29. Buffets: Sally Sensation (Saucy Jack)
30. Hard Ons: Surfin’ On My Face (Waterfront)
31. Sex Clark Five: Detention Girls (Strum And Drum)
32. Nobunny: Nobunny Loves You (Love Visions)
33. Young Governor: I’m A Mess (Plastic Idol)
34. Norvins: Spill Your Heart (Time Machine)
35. Cokerocket: Botox Me (Gonna Puke)
36. Nervous Tics: Stupid Little Heat (Meaty Beaty)
37. Tough Shits: Heard She Kisses On The Mouth (Desert Island Discs)
38. Romains: Teenage Lobotomy (It’s My Turn)
39. Clorox Girls: Double Mao (Bachelor)
40. Plastic Stars: Sheena Gets Around (No Front Teeth)
41. Angel Sluts: Let’s Go/Radio (Designer Heat)
42. Veins: Perdu Dans La Ville (Perdu Dans La Ville)
43. Aversions: Black Alibi (Die In Style)
44. 84 Flesh: D-Section (Punk Francais)
45. White Wires: I Remember How (s/t)
46. Vicars: I’ll Hunt You Down (Back On The Streets)
47. Metal Mike, Alison & Julia: Road Runner (Surf City OR Bust)
48. Traditional Fools: Snot Rag (s/t)
49. Bottle Ups: Long Gone (Amigo)
50. Dead Ghosts: May Day (Yakasikana)
51. Personal & the Pizzas: I Ain’t Taking You Out (Rob’s House)
52. Yum Yums: Let’s Rock And Roll (Whatever Rhymes With Baby)
53. GG King: In The Terminal (Douchemaster)
54. Rock And Roll Adventure Kids: Chuck Taylor Shakedown (s/t)
55. Andrew Surfers: Two Minutes To Rip You Off (Rip Off!)
56. Wau y los Arrrrghs!: Bli Blu Bla (Viven)
57. Riots: Tell Me Tonight (Love After)
58. Dee Rangers: Upside Down (Goodbye Boozy)
59. Shakes: Right Down The Hall (Rise And Fall Of Modern Living)
60. Cheap Thrills: Baby You’re Strange (Savage)