Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/24/09

1. Billy Adams & the Rock-A-Teers: Rock Pretty Mama (Nau-Voo)
2. Kerry King & the Falls City Boys: Epilepsy Betsy (It Ain’t Rocket Science)
3. The Sly Fox: Hoo-Doo Say (Spark)
4. Sam Hawkins Group: Whatchamacallit (Gone)
5. Jackson Brothers Orchestra: The Wrong Door (Arrow)
6. Rusty & the Dragstrip Trio: I Ain’t Ready (I Ain’t Ready)
7. High Noon: Rockin’ Beauty (Stranger Things)
8. Cave Catt Sammy: Supersonic Mama (Goofin’)
9. Bullmoose Jackson: Big Ten Inch Record
10. Rob Young: Big Fat Mama (Fontana)
11. Willie Lewis & the String Poppers: The Crazy Boogie (Rockabilly Record Co)
12. Five Chances: Nagasaki (Chance)
13. Daylighters: Mad House Jump
14. Dwarless Fearsley: You Talk Too Much (Jason)
15. Fiddlin’ Aindy Sanders: Rock And Roll Baby (Dottie)
16. Shades w/Gerry Hammel: Walkin; Wanda (Maypole)
17. Chris Cerf w/the Harvard Tabernacle Choir w/Gordy Main & the Maniacs: Fallout Filly (With The Atomic Kiss) (Vanitis)
18. Daryl Britt & the Blue Jeans: Lover Lover (Blue)
19. Gary Driver: Dance Me To Death (UBC)
20. Vons: Flip Flip (Pop)
21. Eddie Cochran: Stockings And Shoes (Liberty)
22. Eddie & the Flatheads: Giddy Up Girl (A Dazzling Cascade Of Notes)
23. Keen Cousins: Big Bad Ole Heartache (Well Alright)
24. Jessie Al Tuscan & the Lumberjacks: Jenny Barn (88AM)
25. Wildfire Willie & the Ramblers: I Give Up (Getting’ My Kicks)
26. Invictas: Watusi! (Fine)
27. Baby Huey & the Babysitters: Monkey Man (Mad Mike Monsters)
28. Kneejerk Reactions: You Electrify Me (The Electrifying Sounds Of…)
29. Cecllia und die Sauerkrauts: Desinvolte (Sauerkraut, Wurst Und Other Delights)
30. Jacks: Blackula (Fuzz Overdose)
31. Bundle Of Fags: Attitude (Weird Hug)
32. DC Snipers: Power Off (Missile Sunset)
33. King Tuff: Kind Of Guy (…Was Dead)
34. Nervous Tics: Another Dimension (Meaty Beaty)
35. Le Face: She Was A Mutant (Isolation)
36. Ebonics: Hitler’s Wife (Daggerman)
37. Pirate Love: Ain’t Nothing To Do (Black Vodoun Space Blues)
38. Dead Ghosts: Mid Day (Yakisakana)
39. Mojomatics: The Last Train (Songs For Far Away Lovers)
40. Neighborhoods: Mess (The High Hard One)
41. Lights Out!: Destroy/Create (Destroy/Create)
42. Manikins: Radiation Masturbation (Killed By Trash)
43. Defektors: Doomsday Girl (Nominal)
44. Sex Pistols: Rock Around The Clock (The Great Rock And Roll Swindle)
45. Tight Finks: Cheap Tricks (A Hand Full Of Cheap Tricks)
46. Straight Arrows: Close That Door (Resistance A Go Go)
47. New Demolators: Chochaaazo/Guarra (Shit In The Milk)
48. Choads: Monkey Man (The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square)
49. Hong Kongs: Surfin’ In The China Sea (Mad Mike Monsters)
50. Monsters From The Surf: Watusi Underground (s/t)
51. Booby Traps: Diddley Wrong (Makin’ It With ….)
52. CCCPn: Oj Oj Oj Oj Oj (Ken Rock)
53. Cheap Thrills: Baby You’re Strange (Savage)
54. High School Lockers: She Wears A Shirt (Never Ending Part)
55. Happy Burger: Zagrab City (Douchemaster)
56. Vicars: Introduction To The Vicars/Back On The Streets (Back On The Streets)
57. Eunuchs: Rave On (Rev’ved Up Youth On A Thrill Rampage)
58. Angel Sluts: Chalmette Girl In The CIA (Designer Heat)
59. Crucials: Study Abroad (Give Me… A Keg… Of Beer)
60. Personal & the Pizzas: I Ain’t Takin’ You Out (Rob’s House)
61. Brilliant Colors: I’m Sixteen (Make A Mess)
62. Nobunny: Motorhead With Me (Hozac)
63. Pity Fucks: Born To Sin (Felony Fidelity)
64. Bad Sports: Oh Oh Oh (Big Action)
65. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Hate You (Thunderbeast)
66. Retainers: Let’s Go Suicide (s/t)
67. Ex-Humans: Chicane (Full Breach Kicks)
68. Busy Signals: Can’t Feel A Thing (Shit Sandwich)
69. Ty Segall: Son Of Sam (Chocolate Covered)
70. GG King: In The Terminal (Douchemaster)