Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/17/09

1. Jimmy Gross & the Music Makers: Let’s Rock To-night (Mac)
2. Rex Hale & his Rhythm Masters: Down At Big Mama’ House (Rhythm)
3. Harold McKinnon w/the Remm Shots: You Don’t Love Me Baby (Carter)
4. Leon Bowman w/ Jerry Parker & his Buddies: Rockin’ The Blues (Reed)
5. Catalinas: The Catalina Push (Catalina)
6. Cochran Brothers: Rockin’ And Flyin’ (Something Else)
7. Ron Hargrave & his Orchestra: Latch On (MGM)
8. Wally Lee & the Hi-Liters: Oh No Daddy-O (Now)
9. Esquerita: Katie Mae (Capitol)
10. Kid Thomas: Rockin’ This Joint Tonight (Transcontinental)
11. Ray Smith: Right Behind You Baby (Sun)
12. Herbie Duncan w/Red Wells & his Caravans From St Louis: Hot Lips Baby (Mar ‘Vel)
13. Don Orr: Sarah Jane (Yucca)
14. Doug Bowles: Shake Loose (Tune)
15. Skip Graves: Indian Giver (With Your Love) (Fireside)
16. Jimmy Johnson: Woman Love (Starday)
17. Don Feger: Date On The Corner (Ebony)
18. Jimmy Wages: Take Me (Garden Of Evil) (Sun)
19. Luke McDaniel: My Baby Don’t Rock (Sun)
20. Rip Carson & the Twilight Trio: Rock’s Me Right (Laundromat Blues)
21. Omar & the String Poppers: Take Off Rhythm (Take Off Rhythm)
22. Mars Attacks: The Way I Bop (Run For Your Life)
23. Sonny Burgess & the Pacers: Ain’at Got A Thing (Sun)
24. Johnny Barber & the Rhythm Razors: Dance Hall Night (Rockabilly Record Company)
25. New Demolators: Todos Los Chochos (Shit In The Milk)
26. Real Kids: She’s Alright (s/t)
27. Aversions: Left For Dead (s/t)
28. Boys: Dick On You (s/t)
29. Bobby Ubangi: That’s Alright? (Rob’s House)
30. Nodzzz: Is She There (s/t)
31. Idle Time: A Million Miles Away (Hozac
32. Ebonics: Down On 16th (Daggerman)
33. Angry Samoans: Right Side Of My Mind (Inside My Brain)
34. Zodiac Killers: The Girl From Channel 3 (Society’s Offenders)
35. Wax Museums: Safety In Numbers (s/t)
36. Marked Men: All In Your Mind (Ghosts)
37. Dum Dum Girls: Long Hair (Hozac)
38. Cheap Thrills: High School Girls (Savage)
39. Redd Kross: Annette’s Got The Hits (Annette’s Got The Hits)
40. White Wires: Girly Girly Girly (s/t)
41. GG King: Adult Rock (Douchemaster)
42. Okmoniks: Next Worst Thing (In-Fi)
43. King Automatic: Art School Girl (I Walk My Murderous Intentions Home)
44. Nervous Tics: Stupid Little Heart (Meaty Beaty)
45. Gears: Trudie Trudie Rockin’ At Ground Zero)
46. Decks: DTC (Breath And Bone)
47. Graham Day & the Goalers: Turning You Down (Tripple Distilled)
48. Wau y los Arrrrghs!!!: Bli Blu Bla (Viven)
49. Boonaraaas: Go For It Mary (Five Steps Ahead)
50. Sweet Sixteens: She Said Alright (Spin The Bottle)
51. Personal & the Pizzas: I Don’t Want To Be No Personal Pizza (Gooc Entertainment)
52. Happy Burger: Pizza All Around (Douchemaster)
53. Flips: I Still Want TO Be His Girl (Bancroft)
54. Makeouts: Bad Luck Charm (Bachelor)
55. High School Lockers: Rock And Roll High School Radio (Never Ending Party)
56. Reducers: Yeah Yeah Alright Come On (Guitars Bass And Drums)
57. Crucials: Summer’s Gonna Be My Girl (Give Me A Keg Of Beer)
58. Robot Assassins: Vacuum Cleaner (Total Sound)
59. Sudden Walks: You’re So Blank (FDH/PTrash)
60. Dee Rangers: Down And Out (Goodbye Boozy)
61. Reptilian Civilian: 60’s Beat (Felony Fidelity)
62. France Has The Bomb: Invisible Angle (Hozac)
63. Angel Sluts: Holly Would (Designer Heat)
64. Vicars: Tore My Heart (Back On The Streets)
65. Poison Arrows: Shakin’ All Over (Full Breach Kicks)
66. Baby Shakes: Far Away (The First One)
67. Brimstone Howl: Mammon (Rob’s House)
68. Vivan Girls: Second Date (Wild World)
69. Elephant Walk: Siem Reap Blues (Dusty Medical)
70. Retainers: Next To You (s/t)
71. Coconut Coolouts: We Drink Blood (Florida’s Dying)
72. Weakends: Arty Party (s/t)
73. Nylon: In The Streets (Cover Song Series)
74. This Damn Town: This Time (Shake Your Ass)
75. Submarine Races: Let It Go (Hard To Look At Easy To See)