Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/17/09

1. Kenny Owen: I Got The Bug (Poplar)
2. Darry Weaver: Itty Bitty Betty
3. Ricardos: Maybeline (Wild Saturday Night On Earth)
4. Cables: Choo Choo
5. Earl Wade: I Dig That Rock And Roll (Swan)
6. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: Knock Kneed Nana (Screamin’ Jay Rocks)
7. Winnie Starr & the Omaha Kid: Baby By Rock (Winnie Hunt)
8. Ralph Arnold: Hound Dog Boogie (Arnolds)
9. Three Honeydrops: Rockin’ Satellite (Music City)
10. Tri-Tones: Chicken In The Basket (Ranger)
11. Barker Brothers: Hey Little Mama (Kent)
12. Monterays: Rockin’ Fool (Cuca)
13. Bobby Lord: High Voltage (Columbia)
14. Don’s Rockers: You’re Just Right For Me (Don Roc)
15. Curtis Lee: I Gotta Have You (Hot)
16. Ricky Coyne & his Guitar Rockers: Rollin’ Pin Mim (Event)
17. Tennessee Boys: Movie Magg (Burning Miles)
18. Omar & the String Poppers: My Baby Don’t Breathe (Wild)
19. Charlie Thompson: Eenie Meanie Baby (The Rockin’ Side Of…)
20. Billy Lathrem: Hip Twitchin’ Mama (REM)
21. Bob & Lucille: What’s The Password (Ditto)
22. Boyd Bennett & the Rockets: Poison Ivy (King)
23. Johnny & the Thunderbirds: Fugitive (Ric)
24. Rhythmics: Comin’ On Through (Rhythmic)
25. Bobby Jackson: Cha Cha Cha (Jan)
26. Dick Dewayne Combo: Witchcraft
27. Steve Del & the Furys: Minor Chaos
28. Personal & the Pizzas: I Don’t Want To Be No Personal Pizza (Gooc Entertainment)
29. Vicars: Mindless Squares (Back On The Streets)
30. Straight Arrows: Can’t Count (Antipodean Screams)
31. Sweet Sixteens: She Said Alright (Spin The Bottle)
32. White Wires: Your Mother Says You’re Ugly (s/t)
33. The Jam: I’ve Changed My Address (In The City)
34. Nervous Tics: Another Dimension (Meaty Beaty)
35. Flash Cooney & the Deans Of Discipline: Little Debbie (Horror Glitter Transvestobilly)
36. Rock And Roll Adventure Kids: Fried Chicken (s/t)
37. Los Hories: Queenie (What’s The Time)
38. Makers: I’m Not A Social Kind Of Guy (s/t)
39. Guilty Hearts: Don’t Wanna Know (Pearls Before Swine)
40. The Unfuckable: Turkish Delight (Antipodean Screams)
41. Shindiggers: All Alone (Crash Your Party)
42. Other Guys: Hip Shake Shimmy Kitten (Beat Block Club Sessions)
43. Crucials: Now You Gotta Break My Heart (Give Me…A Keg…Of Beer!)
44. Vox Jaguars: Wild Orphan (Anodyne)
45. Love Boat: That’s Your Rule (Imaginary Beatings Of Love)
46. Photobooth: Three In The Morning (Daggerman)
47. Nobunny: Motorhead With Me (Hozac)
48. Coconut Coolouts: Shotgun Party (Florida’s Dying)
49. Saints: Do The Robot (Wild About You)
50. Retainers: Comin’ After You (s/t)
51. Suppositories: She’s Psycho (Moments Of Square Violence)
52. Hard-ons: Got A Baby (Dickcheese)
53. Replacements: Staples In Her Stomach (…Stink)
54. Digger & the Pussycats: I Want You (Antipodean Screams)
55. Nice Face: FUBAR Over You (Hozac)
56. Ooga Boogas: I Can’t Clear My Name (Romance And Adventure)
57. Von Zippers: You Destroy Me (Screaming Apple)
58. Hentchmen: Red Hot Car (Hillsdale)
59. Eric & the Happy Thoughts: Indiana Girls (Bubbledumb)
60. Jack Gale & the Medicine Men: The Sloppy Madison (Columbia)
61. Matadors: Wobble Wobble (Land Of 1000 Dunces)
62. Rapiers: Go Back To Daddy (Ballroom Bash)
63. King Normals: Dirty Dirty Feeling (Hillsdale)
64. Arondies: One Dead Chicken (Introducing The…)
65. Warner Brothers Combo: Study Hall (Candy Kane)
66. Goodnight Loving: Take You Home (s/t)
67. Wau Y Los Arrrrghs: Donde Esta (Viven)
68. Pandoras: You’re All Talk (Stop Pretending)
69. Ty Segall: The Drag (s/t)
70. Pink Fits: Chicken Hawk (Fuzzyard Gravebox)
71. Reacharounds: Rocks Off (Certified PR)
72. Heartbeeps: Losin’ Control (Frantic City)