Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 02/10/09

1. Del Raney & the Umbrellas: Can Your Hossie Do The Dog (Hollywood)
2. Spark Plugs: Chicken (Norton)
3. Jerry McCain & the Blues Rockers: Calling All Cows (Excello)
4. Mel Robbins: Save It (Argo)
5. Buddy Love: Heartbreak Hotel (Proud)
6. Jerry Warren & the Tremblers: Rompin’
7. Junior Thompson: How Come You Do Me Like You Do? (Tune)
8. Macy Skipper: Bop Pills (Sun)
9. Versatones: Tight Skirt, Tight Sweater (Fenway)
10. Jack Scott: The Way I Walk (Carlton)
11. Jimmy Stewart & the Night Hawks: Rock On The Moon (Eko)
12. Warren Smith: Uranium Rock (Sun)
13. Tune Rockers: Green Mosquito (United Artists)
14. Ronnie Cook & the Gaylads: Goo Goo Muck (Norton)
15. Andy Starr: Give Me A Woman (MGM)
16. Roy Orbison & the Teen Kings: Domino (Sun)
17. Dwight Pullen: Sunglasses After Dark (Carlton)
18. Busters: Bust Out (Arlen)
19. The Phantom: Love Me (Dot)
20. Kip Tyler & his Flips: Jungle Hop (Challenge)
21. Dave “Diddle” Day w/the Tony Ray Combo: Blue Moon Baby (Mercury)
22. Johnny Burnette & the Rock And Roll Trio: Tear It Up (Coral)
23. Keith Corvale: Trapped Love (Val)
24. Walter Brown & Band: Jelly Roll Rock (Zip)
25. Ricky Nelson: Lonesome Town (Imperial)
26. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Fatback (Swan)
27. Shells: Whiplash
28. Flames: The Bird
29. Kasenatz-Katz Super Circus: Quick Joey Small
30. Groupies: Primitive
31. Don & the Galaxies: Sundown
32. Sparkles: Hipsville 29 BC
33. Cramps: Let’s Get Fucked Up (Flame Job)
34. Cramps: Call Of The Wighat (How To Make A Monster)
35. Cramps: Human Fly (Gravest Hits)
36. Cramps: Cornfed Dames (A Date With Elvis)
37. Cramps: TV Set (Songs The Lord Taught Us)
38. Cramps: Inside Out And Upside Down With You (Flame Job)
39. Cramps: Garbage Man (Songs The Lord Taught Us)
40. Cramps: Drug Train (Bad Music For Bad People)
41. Cramps: I’m Cramped (Songs The Lord Taught Us)
42. Cramps: New Kind Of Kick (Bad Music For Bad People)
43. Cramps: What’s Inside A Girl (A Date With Elvis)
44. Cramps: Butcher Pete (Vengeance)
45. Cramps: The Crusher (Psychedelic Jungle)
46. Cramps: : Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs (Flame Job)
47. Cramps: The Most Exalted Potentate Of Love (Smell Of Female)
48. Cramps: You Got Good Taste (Smell Of Female)
49. Cramps: Mad Daddy (Songs The Lord Taught Us)
50. Cramps: Elvis Fuckin’ Christ (Fiends OF Dope Island)
51. Cramps: God Damn Rock And Roll (Stay Sick)
52. Cramps: Surfin’ Bird (Gravest Hits)
53. Cramps: Mystery Plane (Songs The Lord Taught Us)
54. Cramps: Cramp Stomp (Big Beat From Badsville)
55. Cramps: She Said (Bas Music For Bad People)
56. Cramps: Daisy Up Your Butterfly (Stay Sick)
57. Cramps: I Was A Teenage Werewolf (Songs The Lord Taught Us)
58. Cramps: Wilder Wilder Faster Faster (Look Ma, No Head)
59. Cramps: Rockin’ Bones (Psychedelic Jungle)