Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/27/09

1. Eddie Cletro & his Round Up Boys: Flyin’ Saucer Boogie (Lariat)
2. Tornados: Scalpin’ Party (Cuca)
3. Rick Emerson & the Sidewinders: Dance With Me (Bandera)
4. Chuck Akin: Roberta (Bandera)
5. Larry O’Keefe: Hot Rockin’ Mama (Desperate Rock And Roll)
6. Johnny Tedesco: Rock Del Tom Tom (Nueva Ola)
7. Monterays: Rocker (Cuca)
8. Grand Prix: Rewind (Cuca)
9. Keray Regan: Vibratin’ (London)
10. Red Smiley & the Vel-Tones: Jailbird (Jin)
11. Four Buddies: Stop Your Hittin’ On Me (Savoy)
12. Roamers: Deep Freeze (Savoy)
13. Kent Parry & the Rogues: Stop Then Rock (Alton)
14. Jerry Parker & the Johnnie Carr Band: Rockin’ Shock
15. Corvairs: Slipped Disc (Twin)
16. Bob Jones & the Teardrops: Bandstand Baby (Felsted)
17. Kenny & Doolittle: Kitty Kat (Sims)
18. Treytones w/the Collegians: Cool Beat (Rockin’ With….)
19. Fred Mick & the Kingsmen: Daddy-O-Goose & the Three Little Piggies (Hilltop)
20. D.G. Williams & the Delta Raiders: Night Time Honk
21. Fairviews: Twinkie Lee (Spin It)
22. Bobby Osborn & his Classic 3: Wine Wine Wine (Knickerbocker)
23. Johnny Hughes: Grounded (UBC)
24. Del Tinos: Go! Go! Go! (Go! Go! Go! To Surfin’ School!!!)
25. Floyd Dakil Four: Kitty Kitty (Earth)
26. Challengers: Rave On (Party Time)
27. Waistcoats: That’s Your Problem (All The Rage)
28. Nice Face: FUBAR Over You (Hozac)
29. Sudden Walks: Do You Feel So Dead (FDH/PTrash)
30. Hunches: Deaf Ambitions (Exit Dreams)
31. Replacements: Heyday (Hootenanny)
32. Reducers: I Don’t Mind (Guitar, Bass And Drums)
33. Party Fowl: Bloodstains (PPM)
34. Cheap Time: Permanent Damage (s/t)
35. Black And Whites: Savage (s/t)
36. Coconut Coolouts: Nerd Holocaust (Florida’s Dying)
37. Nobunnny: Motorhead With Me (Hozac)
38. Photobooth: You (Daggerman)
39. Box Elders: One Foot In Front Of The Other (Grotto)
40. Spandecks: I Love 3 Chords (s/t)
41. Marked Men: Ditch (Ghosts)
42. Dead Ghosts: What To Do (Milk n’ Herpes)
43. Love Boat: For Your Love (Imaginary Beatings Of Love)
44. Reacharounds: Rocks Off (Certified PR)
45. Dogmatics: Saturday Night Again (Everybody Does It)
46. Pirate Love: You Don’t Break My Heart (Black Vodoun Space Blues)
47. Straight Arrows: Jeepster (Resistance A Go Go)
48. Sonic Chicken Four: Midnight Girl (Rob’s House)
49. Figures Of Light: Gimme Gimme Gimme (Smash Hits)
50. Missing Links: You’re Driving Me Insane (Driving You Insane)
51. Arondies: Step, Move, Jump , Slide (Introducing…)
52. Bobby Lee Trammel: Sally Twist part 1 (Atlanta)
53. Wade Curtis & the Rhythm Rockers: Puddy Cat (Norton)
54. Weevils: We’re The Weevils (Lori)
55. Buggs: Buggs vs Beatles (Better Than The Beatles)
56. Triumphs: Surfside Date (Norton)
57. Kill-A-Watts: Get The Fuck Away (Electrorock)
58. Intellectuals: Vinyl Junkie Paranoia (Invisible Is The Best)
59. Afrika Korpse: Rock And Roll Is Better Than Music (Music To Kill By)
60. Mean Things: Total Creep (Rehab)
61. France Has The Bomb: Grim Trigger (Hozac)
62. Submarine Races: Accidents (Hard To Look At, Easy To See)
63. Epsilons: Drunk On Love (Kille ‘em Deader Then A Six Card Poker Hand)
64. Turpentine Brothers: DDT (s/t)
65. Touch Me Nots: Food Sex And Television (Chris Owen Said It….)
66. Los Idiotas: Yeah Yeah (Iekk Sounds)
67. Weakends: Time Is Tight (s/t)
68. Hunx & his Punx: Give Me Back Your Love (Rob’s House)
69. Eric & the Happy Thoughts: Indiana Girls (Bubble Dumb)
70. Plastiques: Just Me n’ You (101)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/20/09

1. Three Chuckles: We’re Gonna Rock Tonight (Vik)
2. Eddie Bond & his Stompers: Slip, Slip Slippin’ In (Mercury)
3. Gene Parsons Band feat. Kimble & Wanda Janes: Night Club Rock And Roll (Southfield)
4. Terry “MeBear” McCrae: Hi Fi Baby (Desperate Rock And Roll)
5. Burnette Brothers: Honey Honey (Crazy Date)
6. Five Aces: Rock And Roll Twist (Shout And Shimmy)
7. Western Aces: Drinkin’ Man’s Boogie (Introducing…)
8. Jimmy Myers & his Happy Highway Gang: Drunk Man’s Wiggle (Fortune)
9. Luis Jordan & his Tympani Five: Open The Door Richard (Decca)
10. Jimmy Liggins: I Ain’t Drunk
11. George Jones: White Lightning (Mercury)
12. Dave & Deke Combo: Moonshine (There’s Nothing Like An Old Hillbilly)
13. Bob Callaway & the Spiro Hepcats: Tick Tock (Big Red)
14. Kuf-linx: Eye Ballin’
15. Junior Marvel & his High Flyers: Bop ’56 (Moon Magic)
16. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Crusin’ (s/t)
17. Dale Wayne: Jukebox Hop (Desperate Rock And Roll)
18. Johnny Marlo: Two Ton Annie (Desperate Rock And Roll)
19. Dean Beard: Shiverin’ And Shakin’ (Challenge)
20. Ronnie Dawson: Knocked Down Drag Out (Rockinitis)
21. Teen Kats: Boppin’ Cats (After School Rock)
22. Texabilly Rockets: The Bop Won’t Stop (Bop Potion #5)
23. Hal Peters & his String Dusters: Late For Lovin’ (Western Standard Time)
24. Levi Dexter & the Rip Chords: I Get So Excited (Victim Of Cool)
25. Mariano Choice: Cherry Juice (Mad Mike Monsters)
26. Naturals: The Hook 1965 (The Big Itch)
27. Little Sammy Jones & the Eldorados: Doing The Roach (The Big Itch)
28. Steve & the Holidays: Unemployment (The Big Itch)
29. A-Bones: Don’t Need No Job (SFTRI)
30. Supercharger: Bailin’ Out (… Goes Way Out)
31. Wau Y Los Arrrrghs!!!: Momia Twist (Canten En Espaniol)
32. I Fantomatici: Sputnik (Spaghetti Surf)
33. Mad 3: Blue Suede Shoes (Forever Teenage)
34. Tuff Bananas: Rollercoaster (Three Dimensional)
35. Perfect Fits: Radio Transmitter (Douchemaster)
36. Straight Arrows: Close The Door (Resistance A Go Go)
37. Suspicions: Time (Nerve Wrecking)
38. Muffs: Happening (California Roll)
39. Muffs: From Your Girl (s/t)
40. Ramones: Oh Oh I Love Her So (Leave Home)
41. Billy Child: You’re My Darlin’ (I Made Up My Mind)
42. Love Boat: No Particular Girl To Love (Imaginary Beatings Of Love)
43. Rantouls: It’s Different Now (Chocolate Covered)
44. Eric & the Happy Thoughts: Never Gonna Do IT (Bubbledumb)
45. Cause Co-Motion: When Will It Finally End (It’s Time)
46. Creteens: Le Bon Style (Resistance A Go Go)
47. This Damn Town: It’s Time (Shake Your Ass)
48. Goodnight Loving: Cause A Scene (s/t)
49. Weakends: Heatwave (s/t)
50. Afrika Korps: Jailbait Janet (Music To Kill By)
51. Bad Sports: Ooh Ooh Ooh (Big Action)
52. Coconut Coolouts: Spin Aorund (Heads Up)
53. Mummies: Justine (Fuck CD’s, It’s The…)
54. Heart Attacks: Baba Diddy Baby (Remus)
55. Dogmatics: Sex Bomb (1981-86)
56. Retainers: Waste Of Time (s/t)
57. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Hate You (Thunderbeast)
58. Reacharounds: Cutout Bin (Certified PR)
59. Submarine Races: Rockin’ Bee (Hard To Look At, Easy To See)
60. Cheap Time: Spoiled Brat (Sweet Rot)
61. Rip Offs: Now I Know It’s You (Rip Off)
62. Heartattacks: Sort It Out (Here Comes The….)
63. Phantom Rats: Boys (Kiss Me Now)
64. Loli & the Chones: Drop Out (PS We Hate You)
65. Holy Cobras: WAPMN/In Cult (Make Pyramids)
66. Matt K Shrugg: Anymore (Tic Tac Totally)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/13/09

1. Charlie Hightone & the Rock-Its: Crazy A3 Boogie (Rock It Man Rock It)
2. Country Cattin’: Pinball Millionaire (Movin’ On)
3. Crazy Legs: I Don’t Even Know Your Name (Rockabilly Riot)
4. Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Boys: Big Fat Trouble (Fly Riite With…)
5. Jay Baymoore & the Bandits: Bandit’s Ball (Diggin’ Out)
6. Smith’s Ranch Boys: Edna (Barnyard Favorites)
7. Gene O’Quin: Mobilin’ baby Of Mine / No Parking Here (Capitol)
8. Mars Attacks: Four Tired Car (Dirty Tricks)
9. Jimmy Osbourne: Automobile Baby (Rockin’ Hillbilly vol.6)
10. Luke McDaniel: The Automobile Song (Rockin’ Hillbilly vol.4)
11. Ronnie Self: Go Go The Cannibal (Columbia)
12. Jerry & Mel: Cannibal Stew (Boss Sound)
13. Ronnie Savoy: Jungle Love Call (MGM)
14. Lee Dresser & the Krazy Kats: Beat Out My Love (Damon)
15. Cameos: The Big Baboon
16. Tarantula Ghoul & the Grave Diggers: King Kong
17. Channels: Jungle Lights (Mercury)
18. Bobby Louis: Adult Western (Capitol)
19. Howard Crockett & the Plains Men: Trudy Brown (Solar)
20. Rusty York: Sadie Mae (Sage)
21. Western Aces: Mean Mean Mama (Introducing….)
22. Big Barn Combo: Feather My Pillow (Coming All The Way From Detroit City)
23. Hot Rockin’: Rocket Trip (Still Hit, Still Rockin’)
24. Delcos: Arabia (Mad Mike Monsters)
25. Orange Peels: Mashed Potatoes (s/t)
26. Hesitations: Beep Beep (Go Go Go To Surfin’ School)
27. The Bunch: Do The Jump (Fine)
28. Bill Tatman & the Rampagers: What’s Wrong With You (Move It)
29. Del Shannon: Move It On Over (Jump, Jive And Harmonize)
30. Reptilian Civilian: 60’s Beat (Felony Fidelity)
31. Sinks: Can’t Stand You (Ken Rock)
32. Gears: Trudie Trudie (Rockin’ At Ground Zero)
33. Huns: Destination Lonely (Garage Punk Unknowns)
34. Muffs: Beat Your Heart Out (Sup Pop)
35. Real Kinds: All Kindsa Girls (s/t)
36. Bobby & the Soft Spots: Can’t Get Her Off (Die Slaughterhaus)
37. Ape City R&B: 45 (Bughouse)
38. Black And Whites: I Just Don’t Care (s/t)
39. Submarine Races: Bring Your Girlfriend (Hard To Look At, Easy To See)
40. Sewer Rats: You Make Me Sick (Rat Attack)
41. Matt K Shrugg: I’m Gone (Plastic Idol)
42. Moviees: Come On (Become One Of Them)
43. Photobooth: You (Daggerman)
44. Weakends: Back From The Rave (s/t)
45. Hunches: Deaf Ambitions (Exit Dreams)
46. Coconut Coolouts: We Drink Blood (Florida’s Dying)
47. Back CC’s: Jenkem Stankem (Wild About Jenkem)
48. Snazzy Boys: BBQ Party (s/t)
49. Clorox Girls: Double Mao (Bachelor)
50. Reacharounds: Rocks Off (Certified PR)
51. Eric & the Happy Thoughts: Indiana Girls (Bubble Dumb)
52. Barracudas: Summer Fun (Drop Out With…)
53. Howie & the Hot Knives: Shut Up And Dance (Felony Fidelity)
54. Eggos: If You Ain’t Shakin’ (Felony Fidelity)
55. Pirate Love: Ain’t Nothing To Do (Black Voodoun Space Blues)
56. Chinese Millionaires: Annette Brunette (Detroit Double Cross)
57. Radio Reelers: Radio Feelin’ (Rockin’ Sound)
58. Johnny & Limelites: Pizza Party (Terror Trash)
59. Gentleman Jessie & his Men: The Rest Of My Days (s/t)
60. Hunx & his Punx: Cruisin’ (Bachelor)
61. Nodzzz: Is She There (s/t)
62. Riff Randells: Girls Like Me (Lipstick)
63. Wax Museums: Girl Problems (s/t)
64. Basement Apartments: Jacques Cousteau (demo)
65. Spider Bags: Hey Delinquents (Daggerman)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rock And Roll Dance Party 01/06/09

1. Sandy Scott: Mr. Big (Choice)
2. Lord Lebby w/the Carribs: Caldonis (R&B)
3. Lloyd Price & his Orchestra: The Chicken And The Bop (KRC)
4. Ernest Brooks: Talkin’ Off The Wall (Ekko)
5. Kids From Texas: Long Legged Linda (Hanover)
6. Morris Fountain: Juicin’ And Goofin’ (Savoy)
7. Zodiacs: Another Little Darlin’ (Soma)
8. Larry & the Continentals: Continental Bop (Arthur)
9. Tommy Scott & his Ramblers: Dig Me Little Mama (Four Star)
10. Mel Robbins: Joy Ride
11. Three Clicks: Rockin’ Along (Devere)
12. Tex Neighbors: Rock And Roll Dot (Emerald)
13. Night Raiders feat. Mickey Hawks: Heidi Heidi Heidi (Profile)
14. Billy & Mickey: Shakin’ Time (Gilco)
15. Maddy Brothers – Bob, Jim, Tom: Hey Little Girlie (Celestial)
16. Maynard Horlick w/the Hepteens: Rollin’ On Down The Street (VIR)
17. Johnny Frasier: Rock With The Mambo
18. Mystery Trio: Willie Joe (Camelia)
19. Rock-A-Teens: Doggone It Baby (Roulette)
20. JD King: Private Property (Aardell)
21. Earl Chatham: Take Two Steps Back (Desperate Rock And Roll)
22. Clark Richard & his Tropical Stars: Hot Rock Beat (Desperate Rock And Roll)
23. Billy Barton: Crazy Lover (Billy Barton)
24. Johnny Carroll & his Hot Rocks: Crazy Crazy Lovin’ (Decca)
25. Kent Westberry & the Chaperones: My Baby Don’t Rock Me (Act)
26. Roy Hall & his Alley Cats: She Sure Can Rock Me (Fortune)
27. Excels: Little Latin Lupe Lu (Meet The… )
28. Groovie Ghoulies: Betty Jean (Berry’d Alive)
29. Reducers: Yeah Yeah Alright C’mon (Guitars, Bass And Drums)
30. Customs: Long Gone (Real Long Gone)
31. Busy Signals: Can’t Feel A Thing (Shit Sandwich)
32. El Vicio: Time To Eat Brains (Nasty)
33. Lids: No Fool For You (Die Slaughterhaus)
34. Replacements: Stuck In The Middle (….Stink)
35. Eric & the Happy Thoughts: Never Gonna Do It (Bubbledumb)
36. Nodzzz: Losing My Accent (s/t)
37. Drags: Teenage Invasion (Dragsploitation Now!)
38. Nerves: One Way Ticket (One Way Ticket)
39. Skunks: Earthquake Shake (Bloodstains Over Texas)
40. Victims: Flipped Out Over You (All Loud On The Western Front)
41. Sneaky Pinks: Loner With A Boner (Bachelor)
42. Coconut Coolouts: Nerd Holocaust / Shotgun Party? (Florida’s Dying)
43. Ty Segall: Don’t Do It (s/t)
44. Millkshakes: Pretty Baby (Talkin’ ‘bout…)
45. Hipshakes: Want You Around (Slovenly)
46. Crusaders Of Love: She’s A Rebel (Die Slaughterhaus)
47. Chesterfield Kings: Stop (Stop!)
48. Immediates: Silly Thing (Taylor Made Cut)
49. Graham Day & the Goalers: Could Be Anywhere (Triple Distilled)
50. Photobooth: You (Daggerman)
51. Suspicions: Time (Nerve Wrecking)
52. Kiss Offs: The Kiss That Kills (Peek-A-Boo)
53. Teengenerate: Get Stuffed (Wallabies)
54. Reacharounds: Three Minute Intervals (Certified PR)
55. Bobby Soxx & the Teenage Queers: Slave Of Mind (Live At Raul’s 1980)
56. Makers: Yeah Yeah Yeah (Dionysus)
57. Mean Jeans: Total Creep (Rehab)
58. Wax Museums: Got No Guts (s/t)
59. Shams: ½ Part 12 (Take Off)
60. Kneejerk Reactions: Handsome Beast (The Electrifying Sounds Of….)
61. Nederbietles: It’s Gone (Can’t You See)
62. Manikins: Leave Me Out (s/t)
63. Losin’ Streaks: Beg, Borrow Or Steal (Dollar)
64. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Runaway (Thunderbeast)
65. Makeouts: She’s A Heartbreaker (Bachelor)
66. Jewws: Don’t Try Me (Heartbreaker)
67. Sonics: Boss Hoss (Here Are The…)
68. Devil Dogs: Brand New Chevy (s/t)
69. Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs: Every Woman I Know Crazy ‘bout An Automobile
70. Holy Cobras: Mama Jihad (Make Pyramids)
71. Complications: Money In My Back (Yakaskana)
72. Dinosaur & the Missing Link: 1983 (Milk n’ Herpes)
73. Snazzy Boys: Forgotten Rebels (s/t)
74. Nervebreakers: My Girlfriend Is A Rock (Bloodstains Over Texas)
75. Weakends: Wild Type (s/t)