Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 12/09/08

1. Curtis Gordon: Rock, Roll , Jump And Jive (Mercury)
2. Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones: Black Slacks (ABC Paramount)
3. Chuck Bowers: Pig Pen Boogie (Choice)
4. Delmer Spudd & the Spuddnicks: Pecolatin’ Papa (It’s Saturday Night)
5. Rockabilly Jumpin’ Jacks: Mop Top (Set Me Free)
6. Will & the Hi-Rollers: Baby C’mon (Do The Town With…)
7. Al Willis: Rock The Bop (Rock The Bop)
8. Ronnie Self: Big Blon’ Baby (Columbia)
9. Roy Orbison: Problem Child (The Soul Of Rock And Roll)
10. Cash O’Riley & the Downright Daddies: Shy Girl (Get Lucky, Breakdown or Die)
11. Jack Rabbit Slim: Let Me Home Baby (From The Waist Down)
12. Johnny Burnette & the Rock And Roll Trio: Please Don’t Leave (Coral)
13. Herbbie Smith: Baby Moon (Do-Ra-Me)
14. EC Beatty: Tarzan (Colonial)
15. Sam Buterra & the Witnesses: Bim Bam (Prep)
16. Harvey Hunt: Big Dog Little Dog (Master)
17. Billy Harlan: School House Rock (Brunswick)
18. Sax Kari Orchestra: Chocolate Fizz (Job)
19. Clark Richard & his Tropical Stars: Hot Rock Beat (Desperate Rock And Roll)
20. Racketts: Oh My Soul (Desperate Rock And Roll)
21. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Rip It Up (Town Hall Party, October 25, 1958)
22. Fretts: Rock n’ Beat (Desperate Rock And Roll)
23. Gene Maltais: The Bug (Regal)
24. KC “Mojo” Watson: Look-A-There (Nanc)
25. Wild Bill Taylor & the Clefs: Little Jewel (Fame)
26. Coconut Coolouts: Please Don’t Break Me Out Of Party Jail (Party Time Machine)
27. Supercharger: Way Out (…Goes Way Out)
28. Morticia’s Lovers: I Wanna Be Your Cat (Take A Ride With Us)
29. A-Bones: Tale Up The Slack Daddy-O (Cruddy)
30. Dinosaur & the Missing Link: 1983 (Milk n’ Herpes)
31. Reptilian Civilian: Shoeshine Boy (Felony Fidelity)
32. Cause Co-Motion: Don’t You Know? (It’s Time)
33. Broken Strings: Stolen Car (s/t)
34. Descendents: Suburban Home (Milo Goes To College)
35. Mr. T Experience: Predictable (Nightshift At The Thrill Factory)
36. Distraction: False Advertising (Lollipop)
37. Midwest Beat: Crying Over You (Dusty Medical)
38. Weakends: Death Ride (Rob’s House)
39. Nymphets: Feels Like A Motherfucker (Psychic Handshake)
40. Party Fowl: Bloodstains (PPM)
41. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Walla Walla WA (Thunderbeast)
42. Batman & Robin: I’m A Bat, I’m A Rock And Roll Animal (Bachelor)
43. Queers: Burger King Queen (Grow Up)
44. Suspicions: Don’t Go (Nerve Wrecking)
45. Gentleman Jessie & his Men: All I Need Tonight Is You (s/t)
46. Hunx & his Punx: You Don’t Like Rock And Roll (Rob’s House)
47. Nodzzz: Is She There (s/t)
48. Jay Reatard: Always Wanting More (Matador Singles ’08)
49. Les Hormones: Peggy (Heads Up)
50. Shimmys: Slow Down (Drive You Wild)
51. Milkees: Good Good Lovin’ (Lover Soul)
52. I Fantomatici: Banana Beach (Spaghetti Surf)
53. Basement Apartments: Giving Up (demo)
54. Holy Cobras: Sun Inside Revisited (Make Pyramids)
55. Fontanna: Dumb Luv (X)
56. Wax Museums: Locked In The Mall (s/t)
57. Mr. California & the Flintstone Sound Express: STR8 (Ken Rock)
58. Hollywood Sinners: Adictos Al Ye Ye (We Won’t Change Our Style)
59. Ty Segall: The Drag (Castle Face)
60. Goodnight Loving: We’re In A Place (s/t)
61. Alabama Chrome: Knoxville Girl (Yakisakana)
62. Yussef Jeruselam: We Ain’t Coming Back (A Heart Full Of Sorrow)
63. Brothers Gross: Pretty Disguise (Silly Girl)
64. Bobby & the Soft Spots: Can’t Get Her Off Of My Mind (Die Slaughterhaus)
65. Kneejerk Reactions: Self Destruct (The Electrifying Sounds Of….)
66. Love Me Nots: I’m The One (Detroit)
67. Mean Things: Out Come The Freaks (Out Come The Freaks)
68. Star & the Key Of The Indian Ocean: Nasty Butt Twist (… Play Their Rock And Roll Fiasco)
69. Snazzy Boys: BBQ Party (s/t)
70. Registrators: I Wanna Fuck Somebody (’95 Demo Sessions)
71. Sinks: Can’t Stand You (Ken Rock)
72. Mansfields: Shake Some Action (Cramp Your Style)