Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/25/08

1. Tennessee Cats: Rock House Rock
2. Roy Orbison: Claudette (demo) (The Soul Of Rock And Roll)
3. Wally Jeffery: Oh Yeah (Do Ra Me)
4. Hot Rockin’: Can Ya Bop, Can Ya Boogie (We’re Hot, We’re Rockin’)
5. Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Who Slapped John? (Blue Jean Bop!)
6. Wink Westerners: Hey Miss Fannie (The Soul Of Rock And Roll)
7. Mansfields: Just Because (Cram Your Style)
8. Mars Attacks: I’m Gonna Get Ya (Circle Of Love)
9. T-Model Boogie: Hit That Jive Jack (Never Trust An Authentic)
10. Mel Dorsey w/Chuck Wayne & the Heartbeats: Annie Miss Fannie (Black Jack)
11. Gene & Eunice: I Gotta Go Home (Aladdin)
12. Lord Luther w/the Dave R Band: Thinking Man;s Girl (Frantic)
13. Peppermint Harris: Angel Child (Duke)
14. Cordwood Draggers: Hole In My Pocket (Viva Las Vegas 6)
15. Lyndon Needs: Honey Babe (Guitar Crazy)
16. Hank Williams & his Drifting Cowboys: Mind Your Own Business (Unreleased)
17. Hal Peters & his String Dusters: Take Back Your Paper Heart (Western Standard Time)
18. Johnny Dilks & his Visitcation Valley Boys: Comin’ On Thru (99 Acres Of Heartache)
19. Ray & Lindy: Big Betty (Atlantic)
20. Red Velvet Trio: The Third (Get Back)
21. Rhythm 55: Dancin’ In The Moonlight (Mess Around)
22. Hal Willis: Bop A Dee Bop A Do (Atlantic)
23. Hardrock Gunter: Whoo, I Mean Wee (Emperor)
24. Hot Rhythm And Booze: Girl Of Many Charms (Broke And Blue)
25. Wire: Surgeon’s Girl (Pink Flag)
26. Ape City R&B: Saturday Night (Infringement)
27. New Bomb Turks: This Place Sucks (Drunk On Cock)
28. Saints: Do The Robot (Wild About You)
29. Nomads: Demolition Girl (Eternally Ours)
30. Pity Fucks: Why Right Now (Felony Fidelity)
31. Radio Beats: Kill Your Man Tonight (demo)
32. Del Gators: Get Down And Get Stupid (Pound Down)
33. Suspicions: Time (Nerve Wrecking)
34. Ramones: Carbona Not Glue (Leave Home)
35. Teenage Head: Lucy Potato (s/t)
36. Perfect Fits: My Hearts A Radio Transmittor (Douchemaster)
37. Nerves: One Way Ticket (One Way Ticket)
38. Nodzzz: I Have Bad News (s/t)
39. Bobby & the Soft Spots: I Don’t Need You (Die Slaughterhaus)
40. Butchers: Cry Girl (Reach Out With…)
41. Barracudas: I Can’t Pretend (Two Sides Of…)
42. Baby Shakes: Just Another (The First One)
43. Hunx & his Punx: You Don’t Like Rock And Roll (Rob’s House)
44. Dinosaur & the Missing Link: 1983 (Milk n’ Herpes)
45. Elephant Walk: Seim Reap Blues (Dusty Medical)
46. Brothers Gross: Envious Eye (Silly Girl)
47. Smith Westerns: Irukandji (Hozac)
48. Hillbilly Werewolf: Monkey Beat City (No Count Dance Party)
49. Fuad & the Fezztones: Beeramid (Beeramid)
50. Olympics: Party Pooper (Party Time)
51. Neanderthals: Too Many Nights In The Gin Mill (The Latest Menace To The Human Race)
52. Victors: Beer Bust Blues (Victorious)
53. Caps: Red Headed Flea (Mad Mike Monsters)
54. Cramps: Human Fly (Off The Bone)
55. Downliners Sect: Our Little Rendezvous (Be A Sect Maniac)
56. Armitage Shanks: Pop Klub Scum (Takin’ The Piss)
57. Party Fowl: Super Trooper (Goodbye Boozy)
58. Kneejerk Reactions: You Electrify Me (The Electric Sounds Of…)
59. Hidden Charms: Don’t Hide Your Charms (Square Root Of Love)
60. Intellectuals: Oh Fraud (Invisible Is The Best)
61. Matt K Shrugg: I Know People In The FBI (Tic Tac Totally)
62. Ty Segall: Book Smarts (Goodbye Boozy)
63. Holy Cobras: Knife Fight (Male Pyramids)
64. Hollywood Sinners: Treat Me Like A Fool (We Won’t Change Our Style)
65. Devil Dogs: Ball Me Out (s/t)
66. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Walla Walla WA (Thunderbeast)
67. Mean Things: Boss Fink (Out Come The Freaks)
68. Howie & the Hot Knives: Shut Up And Dance (Felony Fidelity)
Boonaraaas: One One Zero (5 Steps Ahead)
69. Sinks: Out Of Control (Fashionable Idiots)