Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 11/11/08

1. Nishiguchi Jive 5: Rock-A-Beatin’ Boogie (On The Hill)
2. Darty House: Rock And Roll Boogie (Rough House Rock And Roll 3)
3. Tennessee Cats: Headin’ For The Train
4. Bloomin’ Brothers: Gone Gone Gone (Feel Cool)
5. Petty Booka: Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Hard (Fujiyama Mama)
6. Rattle Shakin’ Daddy: Rock And Roll Guitar (On The Hill)
7. O’Clock K Beans: Delicia Mansion (Rock Men Rock 2)
8. Space Gear Rock And Roll Trio: Kentucky Waltz (Rough House Rock And Roll 2)
9. Hot Shots: Wise Up, Watch Out (Wise Up, Watch Out)
10. Pepper Hot Boys: Cutest Girl
11. Rollin’ Rocks: Heartbreakin’ Love (On The Hill)
12. Big Chief: Tennessee Border (Rock Men Rock 2)
13. Hot Rockin’ Daddy-O’s: Charming Daddy Blues
14. Yuichi & the Hilltone Boys: Boppin’ Alright Mama
15. Tiger Lilly: Stop, Look And Listen (s/t)
16. Jackie & the Cedrics: TV Hop (Hillsdale)
17. Coronets: Wash Machine Boogie (Black Jacket Racket)
18. Rizlaz: Soda Pop (Rock And Roll Animal Style)
19. Fifty Megatons: Hepcat ((Rock Men Rock)
20. Fire Engine Red: Take Me (Rough House Rock And Roll)
21. Tigerbaums: Rock-ola Ruby (Rock Men Rock)
22. Billy Child: Let’s Go Shake And Shout (Come On Baby…)
23. Mummy the Peepshow: School Girl Pop (School Girl Pop)
24. Bitty Kids: I Don’t Want To Be A Pretty Doll
25. Fjord Swimerer: Sybyl Vane (Expression)
26. Knocks: Don’t Call For Me (Chloroform)
27. Ogress: Hate Me (Ride The Rockin’ Rocket)
28. Bunny Fuzzy: Hello Panther (Expression)
29. Teeny Frahoop: Soy Beans Sprouts (Wee Wee Pop)
30. Befores: Uptown Girl (Japanese Group Sounds)
31. Neatbeats: Spoilt Girl (Majestic Sound)
32. Treeberrys: My Girl (s/t)
33. Lookbacks: So Far Away (Hello Hello)
34. 54 Nude Honeys: One Eyed Bat (Drop The Gun)
35. 50’s High Teens: Surprise Sun (s/t)
36. Fabulous Mach Kung Fu: High School Caesar (Bugged)
37. Piggies: California Beach (s/t)
38. Three Funkys: Summer Means Fun (Let’s Go Surfin’)
39. Dunny Iicla & Paradise King: Surf City (Let’s Go Surfin’)
40. Bossmen: Tune Up Girl (She’s Gone)
41. Mad 3: Do The Monkey 2001 (Forever Teenage)
42. Spandecks: Whoa Baby (My Summer Romance)
43. Keen Monkey Work: Teenage Idol (Ride The Rockin’ Rocket)
44. Panther: Ubulubia (Twist Like This)
45. Pappys: I Don’t Like (s/t)
46. Coastersride: Fuck You (Savage)
47. Berry Roll: Put Up Your Dukes (Put Up Your Dukes)
48. Dazes: Crazy In Love (Popball)
49. Shonen Knife: Watching Girl (Ready)
50. Mama Guitar: She’s A Foolish Girl (In Mama Guitar Style)
51. Tweezers: Starry Eyes (Rockin’ Jellybean’s Jumpin’ Jukebox)
52. Gimmies: Bite Me Know (Ride The Rockin’ Rocket)
53. Tonight: Search My Face (Wallabies)
54. Strawberry Mud Pie: Just A Girl (You Sing, Me Play)
55. Phantom Rats: Oh Oh I Love Her So (Kiss Me Now)
56. Mikabomb: Love Factor Five (The Fake Fake Sounds Of….)
57. Blue Hearts: I Wanna A Kiss (s/t)
58. Bunnies: Gravy (s/t)
59. Mighty Moguls: Rags (Deckrec)
60. Nylon: song #1 (s/t)
61. Gito Gito Hustler: Locomotion (Love And Roll)
62. Engine Boo: Girls Radio (Wallabies)
63. Banana Erectors: Bang Bang Bang (s/t)
64. Jet Boys: Fuck You Tokyo (SFTRI)