Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rock And Rol Dance Party 11/18/08

1. Johnny & the Silvertones: Rock ‘til The End Of Time (Norton)
2. Corvettes: Pick Up (Mad Mike Monsters)
3. Big Daddy Oliver: Sapphire (Mad Mike Monsters)
4. Little Richard & the Upsetters: She’s Got It (Specialty)
5. Jerry Lee Trio: Banshee (Norton)
6. King Rock & the Knights: Send-Di (Mad Mike Monsters)
7. Tom Carter &the Ramrods: Flying Saucer Twist (Norton)
8. Patrice Holloway: Do The Del Viking (Mad Mike Monsters)
9. Mad Mike & the Maniacs: The Hunch (Mad Mike Monsters)
10. Beltones: Swinging Little Chicky (Mad Mike Monsters)
11. Count Ferrell: Wizzard Of Ah’s (Mad Mike Monsters)
12. Jaycee Hill: Crash Out (It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Beat)
13. Renegades: Geronimo (Mad Mike Monsters)
14. Gems: Shutdown (Valor)
15. Sonics: Psycho (Mad Mike Monsters)
16. Saints: Kissin’ Cousins (Wild About You)
17. Carbonas: Count Me Out (s/t)
18. Bobby & the Soft Spots: Can’t Get Her Off My Mind (Die Slaughterhouse)
19. Charlie & the Moonhearts: I Hate You (Thunderbeast)
20. Dinosaur & the Missing Link: After The Fashion (Milk n’ Herpes)
21. Holy Cobras: Mama Jihad (Make Pyramids)
22. Kneejerk Reactions: Self Destruct (Electrifying Sounds)
23. Oooga Boogas: I Can’t Clear My Name (Romance & Adventure)
24. Pirate Love: Sick Of You (Black Voodoun Space Blues)
25. Ty Segall: Skin (Goodbye Boozy)
26. Cheap Time: Permanent Damage (s/t)
27. Matt K. Shrugg: Around In A Circle (Plastic Idol)
28. Mess Makers: What’s The Point (Wipe Your Face)
29. Dead Milkmen: Tiny Town (Big Lizard In My Backyard)
30. Perfect Fits: Songs About Girls (Douchemaster)
31. Basement Apartments: Teen Planet (demo)
32. Nodzzz: Is She There (s/t)
33. Nice Face: Beater (Can I Fuck It?)
34. Howie & the Hot Knives: Kids Are Kids (Felony Fidelity)
35. Reducers: No Ambition (s/t)
36. Underthings: Shake It Some More (Wanna Tee)
37. 8Th Route Army: Record Burning Party (Shielded By Death)
38. Johnny & the Self Abusers: Saints And Sinners (Lost & Found)
39. Mansfields: Shake Some More (Cramp Your Style)
40. Armitage Shanks: Ambulance (Shank’s Pony)
41. Losin’ Streaks: Maybe I Will (Sounds OF Violence)
42. Wild Billy Childish & the MBE’s: Thatcher’s Children (Thatcher’s Children)
43. Elephant Walk: Swim The Sea (Dusty Medical)
44. Wax Museums: Locked In The Mall (s/t)
45. Chinese Millionaires: Double Tough Twist (Detroit Double Cross)
46. Riots: Wasting My Time (Love After)
47. Nobunny: Chuck Berry Holiday (Love Visions)
48. Love Me Nots: You’re Really Something (Detroit)
49. Goodnight Loving: Ol’ Geraldine (s/t)
50. Mean Things: Hate Bomb (Out Come The Freaks)
51. Movie Star Junkies: Your Miserable Life (Melville)
52. Gentlemen Jessie & his Men: You Don’t Have To If You Don’t Want To (s/t)
53. Baby Shakes: Tell Me Now (The First One)
54. Nerves: Paper Dolls (One Way Ticket)
55. Pleasers: I’m In Love (Thames Beat)
56. Replacements: Oh Baby (Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash)
57. Party Fowl: STD’s (Goodbye Boozy)
58. Heartattacks: Heart Attack (Here Comes The…)
59. Les Hormones: Drivin’ (Heads Up)
60. Hollywood Sinners: Tame Me (Won’t Change Our Style)
61. Yussef Jerusalem: We Ain’t Comin’ Back (A Heart Full Of Sorrow)