Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 10/07/08

1. Deltas: Teenage Ball (Tougher Than Tough!)
2. Jack Rabbit Slim: Rock-A-Chicka (From The Waist Down)
3. Flea Brain Trio: Sixteen Chicks (The Summer Sessions)
4. Firball XL5: Reconsider (Northwood)
5. Willie Headon: Fun On A Saturday Night (Jook Block Busters)
6. Lou Millit: Slip Slip Slipin' In (Republic)
7. Porky & the Pin Ups: They All Know Me (One Single Yellow Rose)
8. Slingshots: Party On The Moon (Feels So Right)
9. Roy Orbison: Ooby Dooby (The Best Of The Soul Of Rock And Roll)
10. Truly Lover Trio: Let's Go Out Tonight (Dig It Baby Dig It)
11. Playboys: Lookin' For My Baby (Feelin' Good)
12. Two Timin' Three: Lonely Lonely Lonely (Where Did You Sleep Last Night)
13. Okie Dokies: Nintey One Pounds Of Lovin' (Nintey One Pounds Of Lovin')
14. Flat Broke Trio: Big Fat Mary (Beggin' For More)
15. Luis & the Wildfires: Wild In The Head (Brain Jail)
16. Danny Dill: Hungry For Your Lovin' (ABC Paramount)
17. Bob & his Rockabillies: Your Kind Of Love (Michigan Rockers)
18. Downbeats feat. Jugue (Blue Moon)
19. Bobby Smith: Bevy Mae (Fox)
20. Phil Flowers: The Dance (Shoutin' Out The Blues)
21. Big Boy Groves: Bucket O' Blood (Heart Attack)
22. Jay Hammond & the DJ's: I'm An Am (I Am A Ape)
23. Luther & the Caravels: Lunch Break (Heart Attack)
24. Royal Flairs: Suicide (Back From The Grave) ??? or maybe not.
25. Ron De Voos: The Maid (Cycle)
26. Howie & the Hot Knives: Kids Are Kids (Felony Fidelity)
27. Nodzzz: We Are The Only Animals (Make A Mess)
28. Les Hormones: Peggy (Head Dip)
29. Nice Face: Beater (Can I Fuck It?)
30. Bad Chopper: Do It To Me (s/t)
31. Defektors: Doomsday Girl (Nominal)
32. Jewws: Punk Rock Girls (Heartbreaker)
33. Sonic Chicken 4: Midnight Girls (Rob's House)
34. Elephant Walk: Swim The Sea (Dusty Medical)
35. Daytonas: Ready Set Go! (s/t)
36. Barracudas: Neighborhood Girls (Through The Mysts Of Time)
37. Boys: Kiss Like A Nun (s/t)
38. Pets: Only One (Broken Rekids)
39. Wax Museums: Girl Problems (s/t)
40. Hunx & his Punx: You Don't Like Rock And Roll (Rob's House)
41. Charlie & the Moonhearts: Thunderbeast (Telephone Explosion)
42. Wau y los Arrrghs!!!: Demolicion (cantan en Espanol)
43. Hollywood Sinners: Quiro Ser Como Wau y los Arrrghs!!! (We Won't Change Are Style)
44. Untamed Youth: Doin' Me In (Teen Rage)
45. Fugitives: You Can't Blame That On Me (Fenton)
46. Phantom Jets: Dead Beat Drag (Phantom Jet Set)
47. Trashmen: Bird Bath (Surfin' Bird)
48. Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians Of The British Empire: He's Making A Mix Tape (Thatcher's Children)
49. Ettes: Crown Of Age (Look At Life Again Soon)
50. Brothers Gross: She's Shining So Bright (Silly Girl)
51. Perfect Fits: Songs About Girls (Douchemaster)
52. Gentleman Jessie & his Men: You Don't Have To If You Don't Want To (s/t)
53. Midwest Beat: My Love's Gone (Dusty Medical)
54. Party Fowl: Hey Hey Hey (PPM)
55. Eegos: If You Ain't Shakin' (Felony Fidelity)
56. Dead Ghosts: I Don't Understand (Boom Chick)
57. Mojomatics: You're Not Me Fortunately (Don't Pretend That You Know Me)
58. Basement Apartments: Teen Planet (demo)
59. Pity Fucks: Plug In Baby (Felony Fidelity)
60. Nobunny: Nobunny Loves You (Love Visions)
61. Fontanna: Dumb Luv (X)
62. Gag Factors: Starry Eyes (Rockin' Bones)
63. Electric Bunnies: Love Radiation (Florida's Dying)
64. Smith Westerns: Crabman (Hozac)
65. Snazzy Boys: Beard Desire (Rijapov)
66. Jerk Alert: Make Up Your Mind (Dirty Slurs)
67. Romance Novels: Heartbeat (Milk n' Herpes/Homesick)
68. Rantouls: Chug A Lug (Chocolate Covered)
69. Golden Triangle: Red Coats (Rob's House)
70. Tres Delecia: Spring Roll (Big Black Hole)
71. Half Rats: BMW Nuns/Throw It Around (Culture Cast)