Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/30/08

1. Kip Tyler: On The Flipside (Imperial)
2. Five Chances: Nagasaki (My Chinese Girl)
3. H Bomb Ferguson & his Mad Lads: Spaghetti & Meatballs (Down At Miss Ann’s Place)
4. Rollie McGill: Rhythm Rockin’ Boogie (Shoutin’ Out The Blues)
5. Ernest Tucker: Have Mercy Uncle Sam (Down At Miss Ann’s Place)
6. Jack Hammer: Wigglin’ Fool (Hammer + Beat = Twist)
7. Dave & Deke Combo: Hitch In My Git Along (Moonshine Melodies)
8. Wanderers: Crazy Rockin’ Redhead Girl (Bang Bang)
9. Buddy Holly & his Crickets: I’m Gonna Love You Too (The Buddy Holly Collection)
10. Santos: Dig Me Pretty Baby (In The Groove)
11. Anita & the Star Bombers: Why Don’t You Haul Off And Love Me (What Good’ll It Do)
12. Yuichi & the Hilltone Boys: Bluest Boy In Town (s/t)
13. Charlie Feathers: Jungle Fever (Long Time Ago)
14. Eddie Daniels: Hurry Baby (Starla)
15. Mister Mack: Ice Cold Water (Rebel Rockabilly Rock)
16. Johnny Watson w/the Nite Owls: I’m Not Crazy (Cactus)
17. Texabilly Rockets: Blue Black Hair (Raw & Wild)
18. Al Hendrix w/Jolly Jodie & his Go Daddies: Jumpin’ Johnny (Rebel Rockabilly Rock)
19. Carl & the Rhythm All Stars: Long Lean Baby (Slipped My Mouth)
20. Loveless Cousins: Don’t Make Me Wait (No Squares Ever Tag Along)
21. Will & the Hi-Rollers: Do The Town (Do The Town With…)
22. Dusty Chance & the All Nighters: Howl At The Moon (Real Deal)
23. 45 RPM: Kissin’ Boogie (Welcome To Hot Rock Club)
24. Blue Valley Boys: I Do What It Takes (Let’s Go Boppin’)
25. Gene Gambler & the Shufflers: Like A Bomb (A Joker & Three Aces)
26. Emil Spak w/the Encores: Hold Up (WGW)
27. Reveliers: Hangin’ Five (Hot Rockin’ Instrumentals)
28. Okmoniks: The Dunes (demo)
29. Perfect Fits: Songs About Girls (Douchemaster)
30. Wax Museums: Locked In The Mall (s/t)
31. Broken Strings: Stolen Car (s/t)
32. Sonic Chicken 4: Girl 66 (s/t)
33. Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire: Back Amongst The Medway Losers (Thatcher’s Children)
34. Brothers Gross: Envious Eye (Silly Girl)
35. Mojomatics: She Loves (Don’t Pretend That You Know Me)
36. Elephant Walk: Siem Reap Blues (Dusty Medical)
37. Hollywood Sinners: I Am A Martian (We Won’t Change Our Style)
38. Feeling Of Love: Yeah Baby Yeah (Petite Tu Es Un Hit)
39. Traditional Fools: Please (s/t)
40. Basement Apartments: Giving Up (demo)
41. Jerk Alert: Let You Go (Dirty Slurs)
42. CoCoComa: She Gets To Heavy (Holds Too Tight) (s/t)
43. DC Snipers: Reaction (Lost Album)
44. Sinks: Out Of Control (Fashionable Idiots)
45. Part Fowl: Bloodstains (PPM)
46. Brentwoods: South City Shingle And Shake (Radio X)
47. Rockin’ Vickers: I Go Ape (It’s Alright)
48. Peter Berry & the Shake Set: Shake It Out With Me (Wildberry Shake)
49. Shindiggers: Talkin’ About You (Maximum Beat)
50. Arch All Jr. & the Archers: Twist Fever (The Wild Guitar)
51. Druids: Jelly Belly (Mondo Frat Dance Bash A Go Go)
52. Damned: Neat Neat Neat (Damned Damned Damned)
53. Real Losers: Let’s Get Stoopid/My Rocket Radio (Music For Funsters)
54. Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire: Thatcher’s Children (Thatcher’s Children)
55. Jay Reatard: Dead On Arrival (Matador Single ’08)
56. Figures Of Light: I’m So Sick Of Everything (Smash Hits)
57. Johnny Vomit & the Dry Heaves: She’s A Punk Rocker But She Goes Out With Dicks (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
58. Greatest Hits: Gateway Luv (Silly Girl)
59. Riff Randells: All I Know (Doublecross)
60. Diskords: Cretin Girl (Blame It On The Kids)
61. Crusaders Of Love: Looking For Treasure (Danger!)
62. Dead Ghosts: Holy Ghost (Boom Chick)
63. Ettes: I Heard Tell (Look At Life Again Soon)
64. Vermillion Sands: Wake Me When I Die (Rijapov)
65. Midwest Beat: Girl Gone West (Dusty Medical)
66. Thee Exciters: Things Ain’t Right (Spending Cash, Talking Trash)
67. Fumestones: Without A Cat (Without A Fuzz) (At The Zoo)
68. Los Explosivos: Convertible (s/t)
69. Davila 666: Muy Chistoso (s/t)
70. Love Me Nots: Move In Tight (In Black And White)
71. Marked Men: We Won’t Talk About It (s/t)
72. Defektors: Secret Trials (Nominal)