Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/09/08

1. Jack King & the Cats: Dance Everybody (Cool)
2. Mad Men: Dig This Action (Rhythm And Sin)
3. Rusti Steel & the Tin Tax: Latch On To That Jive (You Better Run)
4. Huelyn Duvall w/Wildfire Willie & the Ramblers: Hillbilly Rock (Get Carried Away)
5. Texabilly Rockets: Sweet Baby Blues (Raw And Wild)
6. Starliners: I’m A Lucky Guy (Rhythm Round Up)
7. Buddy Holly: Love Me (The Buddy Holly Collection)
8. Borderlines: Love Me (Big Money)
9. Johnny Burnette & the Rock And Roll Trio: Sweet Love On My Mind (Coral)
10. Eddie Daniels: Hug Me Kiss Me (Starla)
11. Charlie Feathers: If You Were Mine To Loose (Honky Tonk Kind)
12. Truly Lover Trio: Party Baby (Dig It Baby, Dig It)
13. Carl & the Rhythm All Stars: Hello Rhythm (Slipped My Mouth)
14. Yuichi & the Hilltone Boys: Flying Saucer (s/t)
15. Mars Attacks: What A Beat (Dirty Tricks)
16. Will & the Hi Rollers: Ton Ton (Do The Town With…)
17. Lil Luis & los Wild Teens: Mean Streak (Rip It Up)
18. Rockin’ 8-Balls: You Look That Good To Me (Eight Balls OF Fire)
19. Jack Rabbit Slim: The Tease (From The Waist Down)
20. Wagtails: I Drink ‘caise I Can (Cat Food)
21. Flea Bops: Hardball Boogie (Git To Gittin’)
22. Johnny Dollar: Car Coat Baby (Mr Action Packed)
23. Steve Bledsoe: Too Many Girlfriends (Nasty Rockabilly)
24. Loveless Cousins: Lose My Mind (No Squares Ever Tag Along)
25. Wildtones: Shut Ups (Las Vegas Grind)
26. Beast With A Gun: King Kong (demo)
27. Ape City R&B: No.1 Phantom Killer (Slovenly)
28. Mojomatics: You’re Not Me Fortunately (Don’t Pretend That You Know Me)
29. Midwest Beat: Girl Gone West (Dusty Medical)
30. Oh No’s: Girls A Fink (Down In The Dumps ep)
31. Cute Lepers: I’m Out Of Order (Can’t Stand Modern Music)
32. Hawaiians: Do The Wakiki (Teenagers Love)
33. Mugwumps: Banana Brain (Banana Brain)
34. Los Explosivos: Callate Ya! (s/t)
35. Flip Tops: All Worked Up (All Worked Up)
36. Coconut Coolouts: Please Don’t Break Me Out Of Party Jail (Party Time Machine)
37. White Fang: Space Gemz (Pure Evil)
38. Barracudas: Subway Surfin’ Through The Mists Of Tyme)
39. Gentleman Jessie: All I Need Tonight Is You (s/t)
40. Manikins: I Want My Baby Dead (Crocodiles)
41. Boss Martians: She’s In, You’re Gone (Move!)
42. Riots: Tell Me Tonight (Love After)
43. Phantom Jets: Prisoner Of Love (Phantom Jet Set)
44. Woody Peakers: Shake My Colours (Beat Solution)
45. Way Outs: Can’t Get Thru To You (Psychotic Reaction)
46. Ettes: I Get Mine (Look At Life Again Soon)
47. Thee Exciters: Guts For Garters (Spending Cash, Talking Trash)
48. Almighty Handclaps: Works Okay (Goodbye Boozy)
49. Smith Westerns: Crabman (Hozac)
50. Hollywood Sinners: I’m A Martian (We Won’t Change Our Style)
51. Four Slicks: Show Me What You Got (…in Bonneville)
52. Mike & the Ravens: Rollerland (Noisy Boys)
53. Lloyds Of Lon-Don: Girls Can Really Dance (Fenton)
54. Blacksheep: Baa Baa (Bellcor)
55. Intellectuals: One Riff, One Verse (demo)
56. Midnight Kicks: Whoaaa! (Iekk Sounds)
57. Bad Sports: Hey I;m Okay (Boom Chick)
58. Nymphets: Feels Like Motherfuckers (Psychic Handshake)
59. Davilla 666: Quizas (s/t)
60. Pets: No Pets Allowed (Raw Deluxe)
61. Rock And Roll Adventure Kids: Teenage Caveman (Bachelor)
62. Reducers: Yeah Yeah Alright Come On (Guitar Bass Drums)
63. Rip Offs: Baby Let Go (….Got A Record)
64. Tracers: Shes Said Yeah (Sully)
65. Missing Links: Wild About You (Driving You Insane)
66. Dead Ghosts: Holy Ghosts (Boom Chick)
67. Weakends: Death Ride (Rob’s House)
68. Forbidden Tigers: Night And Day (Savage)
69. Mind Controls: Self Immolation Man (s/t)
70. Snazzy Boys: They Cam From Outer Space (Rijapov)
71. Sinks: 3025 (Fashionable Idiots)
72. Fontanna: You’re Obscene (X)