Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/19/08

1. David Craig: High Heel Time (Boppin’ Hillbilly)
2. Werly Fairburn: Everybody’s Rockin’ (Columbia)
3. Truly Lover Trio: Dig It (Dig It Baby Dig It)
4. Larry Brinkley: Jackson Dog (Westwood)
5. FD Johnson: Be My Baby (Jan)
6. Paul Blunt w/the Frontiersmen: Walkin’ Up Stairs (Boppin’ Hillbilly)
7. Carl & the Rhythm All Stars: Long Lean Baby (Slipped My Mouth)
8. Fireball Steven: She’s Cool (Rockabilly Done Right)
9. Roddy Jackson: Jukebox Baby (Central Valley Fireball)
10. King Normals: Meanest Girl In Town (Hillsdale)
11. Nancy & the Millionaires: Atooka, Okla (Frankie)
12. Will & the Hi-Rollers: Baby C’mon (Do The Town With…)
13. Simon Crum: Bop Cat Bop (Capitol)
14. Hank Williams & the Drifting Cowboys: Move It On Over
15. Hank Williams & the Drifting Cowboys: Moanin’ The Blues
16. Hank Williams & the Drifting Cowboys: I’m A Long Gone Daddy
17. Hank Williams & the Drifting Cowboys: Nobody’s Lonesome For Me
18. Hank Williams & the Drifting Cowboys: Settin’ The Woods On Fire
19. Wagtails: Pin Up Queen (Wag On!!!)
20. Sid King & his Five Strings: Sag, Drag And Fall (Gonna Shake The Shack Tonight)
21. Blue Valley Boys: Crazy Crazy Lovin’ (Let’s Go Boppin’)
22. Jack Rabbit Slim: Rest Assured (From The Waist Down)
23. Baboons: Tic Tac (Boogie Curse)
24. Charlie Feathers: One Good Gal (Honky Tonk Kind)
25. Man… or Astro-Man?: Mouthful Of Exhaust (Destroy All Astromen)
26. Campus Tramps: If You Were Mine (Stay Dumb)
27. Blocks: Everyday Is Gonna Be Fun
28. Baggys: El Surfer (Real Gone Garbage)
29. Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon: Transistor Sister (Best Of…)
30. Hi-Fives: Transistor Sister (Welcome To My Mind)
31. Beat Beat: Washing Machine (Spin The Bottle)
32. Sinks: Out Of Control (Fashionable Idiots)
33. Makers: Bust Out (Rip Off)
34. Traditional Fools: Milkman (s/t)
35. Hipshakes: Hurt My Pride (Tic Tac Totally)
36. Snazzy Boys: Beard Desire (Rijapov)
37. Teenage Head: Bonerack (s/t)
38. Four Slicks: Boomerang Baby (…in Bonneville)
39. Lottie Collins: Electric Surfer Girl (Good Night For The Lottie Collins Fun Club)
40. Explorers Club: One Last Kiss (Freedom Wind)
41. Mark & the Spies: But I Do (s/t)
42. White Fang: Space Gemz (Pure Evil)
43. Figures Of Light: Gimme Gimme Gimme (Smash Hits)
44. Jerk Alert: Million Bucks (Dirty Slurs)
45. Broken Strings: Surfing Everyday (s/t)
46. Rantouls: You Won’t Have Me (Chocolate Covered)
47. Supercharger: She’s So Cool (s/t)
48. Loli & the Chones: I Hate Your Guts (P.S. We Hate You)
49. Kidnappers: Everybody Hates Me (Ransom Notes And Telephone Calls)
50. Morning Shakes: I Wanna Get High (Weed Honky)
51. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Brand New Head (The Sheik Said Shake)
52. Milkshakes: I’m The One For You (Nothing Can Stop These Men)
53. Shindiggers: My Little Ruby (Maximum Beat)
54. Zombies: Roadrunner (Decca)
55. Winkle Pickers: My Name Is Granny Goose (Little White Lies)
56. Myron Lee: Fat Man (Garrett)
57. Tonto &the Renegades: Little Boy Blue (Back From The Grave)
58. Box Elders: Hole In My Head (Grotto)
59. Explosives: A Girl Like You (s/t)
60. Raydios: I Call You Back (Now)
61. Yolks: Wondering (Bachelor)
62. Gentleman Jessie: You Got Me Where You Want Me (s/t)
63. Nobunny: Chuck Berry Holiday (Love Visions)
64. TVees: She’s No Good (demo)
65. Pets: Misdirection (Misdirection)
66. Ka-Nives: Katoni Rock ‘n’ Roll (Get Duped)
67. Shop Fronts: Runaround (s/t)
68. Jewws: Just Blink, She’s Gone (l’explosion du son maintenant)
69. Almighty Handclaps: Works Okay (Goodbye Boozy)
70. Johhny & the Limelites: Summer Of Fun (Florida’s Dying)
71. Mummies: Surprise Package For Mr. Mineo (Fuck CD’s, It’s The Mummies)