Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/12/08

1. Fendermen: Mule Skinner Blues (Soma)
2. Link Wray & his Wraymen : Hold It (Big City After Dark)
3. Lavenders: White Lightning Eeffin’ (Cuca)
4. Willy Tramain’s Thunderbirds: Midnight Express (Swastika)
5. Rudy Hayden & the Country Boys: Rock And Roll Doll (Aragon)
6. Duke Dickerson & his Jivin’ Five: Walkin’ Shoes (Global)
7. Truly Lover Trio: Don’t Sweat It (Dig It Baby Dig It)
8. Yuichi & the Hilltone Boys: Steel Guitar Rag (Rock Men Rock)
9. Blue Valley Boys: Hey Gang (Let’s Go Boppin’)
10. High Noon: My Baby Rocks Me Right (Glory Bound)
11. Charlie Feathers: Forgot To Remember To Forget (Wild Side Of Life)
12. Pete DeBree & the Wanderers: Hey Mr. Presley (Fortune)
13. Rockin’ 8-Balls: Who’s That Knockin’ (8 Balls Of Fire)
14. Los Beatniks: Que Pasa Con John? (Asesinos De La Lucha Libre)
15. Texas Steve & the Git Gone Trio: Git Outta My Way (At Your Door)
16. Texabilly Rockets: Outta Space Chick (Raw & Wild)
17. Johnny Dollar: Slim Jim Baby (Mr. Action Packed)
18. Jimmy Patton: Yeah I’m Movin’ (Sage)
19. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: My Knees Are Tremblin’ (The Sheik Said Shake)
20. Rockin’ Ryan: Go Girl Go (The Coverup)
21. Loveless Cousins: You Are Out Of This World (No Squares Ever Tag Along)
22. Will & the Hi-Rollers: She’s The One For Me (Do The Town With…)
23. Porky & the Pin Ups: Hulla Hulla Betty (One Single Yellow Rose)
24. Guards: Hullabaloo (At The Club)
25. Ralph Neilson & the Chancellors: Scream (Back From The Grave)
26. Los Idiotas: Yeah Yeah (Iekk Sounds)
27. No Talents: One, Two, Three…. (100% No Talent)
28. Intellectuals: Miss Johnny (Hell Yes!)
29. Dangerloves: Déjà Vu (Dead Ideas)
30. Gentleman Jessie: All I Need Tonight Is You (s/t)
31. Rantouls: No Love In Return (Chocolate Covered)
32. Shangri-la’s: Give Him A Great Big Kiss
33. Figures Of Light: I’m So Sick Of Everything (Smash Hits)
34. Bad Sports: Hey Okay (Boom Chick)
35. Coconut Coolouts: Please Don’t Break Me Out Of Party Jail (Party Time Machine)
36. Nobunny: Boneyard (Love Visions)
37. Playmobils: International Lifestyle (International Lifestyle)
38. Jerk Alert: Dun. Dun! Dun!! (Dirty Slurs)
39. Traditional Fools: Party At My House (s/t)
40. Vermillion Sands: Wake Me When I Die (Rijapov)
41. Crucials: Meet Me Tonight (demo)
42. Raydios: On Your Nerves (Now)
43. Boys Life: Nothing Better To Do (Bachelor)
44. Pamela Tiffins: Shake That Beat (Bang City)
45. Pet: No Pets Allowed (Raw Deluxe)
46. Flip Tops: Dangerous Game (Plastic Idol)
47. Sinks: Don’t Wanna Go To Work (Fashionable Idiots)
48. Staags: Hard To Function (Adult Brigade)
49. Sick Things: Let’s Go Swim (Sounds Of Silence)
50. Victims: Flipped Out Over You (Murder Punk)
51. Fuckin’ Leftovers: I Only Panic When There’s Nothing To Do (Murder Punk)
52. Dogmatics: Hardcore Rules (1980-1986)
53. Fix It: Kill Kill Kill (s/t)
54. Snazzy Boys: I’d Like To Be (Rijapov)
55. Botox Rats: Kick Me Like Trash (Ken Rock)
56. Cute Lepers: Terminal Boredom (Can’t Stand Modern Music)
57. Dead Ghosts: I Can’t Understand (Boom Chick)
58. Autodramatics: My Blue Eyed Baby (Goodbye Boozy)
59. Kidnappers: Maximum Rock And Roll (Ransom Notes And Telephone Calls)
60. Smith Westerns: Crabman (Hozac)
61. Almighty Handclaps: Works Okay (Goodbye Boozy)
62. Gestures: Run Run Run (Soma)
63. Long Island Sounds: Tiger (I Should Know)
64. Emerald City Bandits: Full Blown Caddy (Wail On The Beach)
65. Trashmen: My Woody (Bird Call)
66. Broken Strings: Stolen Car (s/t)
67. Batman & Robin: Run Joker Run (Bachelor)
68. Last Sons Of Krypton: Ready Aim Fire (s/t)
69. Busy Signals: So Pointless (s/t)
70. Wax Museums: Magnetic Part II (Fashionable Idiots)
71. Slippery Slopes: Bikini Binge (Florida’s Dying)
72. Romance Novels: Heartbeat (Milk n’ Herpes/Homesick)
73. Crusaders Of Love: Looking For Treasure (Danger)