Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/29/08

1. Elvis Presley: Milk Cow Blues Boogie (Sun)
2. Bobby Allen & the Southern Comforts: Mean Woman Blues (Automatic Bop)
3. Hugh Barrett & the Victors: Devil’s Love (Lucky Four)
4. Darrell Rhodes: I Thought About You (Winston)
5. Joe Clay: You Look That Good To Me (RCA)
6. Will & the Hi-Rollers: Ton Ton (Do The Town With…)
7. Hot Rhythm & Booze: Hot Rhythm And Booze (Broke n’ Blue)
8. Annita & the Star Bombers: Friction Heat (What Good’ll It Do Me)
9. Tommy Moreland: Bang Bang (Skoop)
10. Texabilly Rockets: Barefoot Baby (Raw And Wild)
11. Omar & the Stringpoppers: Little Hen (Take Off Rhythm)
12. Domestic Bumblebees: My Girl Can’t Quit Pickin’ (Break Up Bop)
13. Texas Steve & the Git Gone Trio: Git Outta My Way (At Your Door)
14. Ferris Wilder & his Band: It’s All Your Fault (Hi-Q)
15. Eddie Vineyard & the Countdowns: Bo Peep Rock (K-Ark)
16. Gene Gambler & the Shufflers: Louis (A Joker And Three Aces)
17. Hank’s Jalopy Demons: How About Me Pretty Baby (I’m Going Straight… To The Electric Chair)
18. Charlie Feathers: Wild Side Of Life (Wild Side Of Life)
19. Carlos & the Bandidos: You’re Crazy (The Good, The Band And The Bandidos)
20. Loveless Cousins: I’m Not Crazy (No Squares Ever Tag Along)
21. Charlie Hightone: Booze Booze Booze (Sleazy)
22. Jack Rabbit Slim: Justine (From The Waist Down)
23. Runnin’ Wild: My Gal From Abilne (I Dressed In Black Today)
24. J. Mikel with the Hepcats: Sweetest Thing (Sonic)
25. Harrold Jackson: Mean Cat Daddy (Dee Jay-Jamboree)
26. Johnny & the Hurricanes: Cut Out (…feat. Red River Rock)
27. Hi-Lights: Little Latin Lipe Lu (Fort Worth Teen Scene)
28. Twilighters: Move It (It’s Finking Time)
29. Romance Novels: Hang On Sloopy (Milk n’ Herpes/Homesick)
30. Fontana: Dumb Luv (X!)
31. Jewws: I Need You’re Lovin’ (But I Don’t Need You) (Alien Snatch)
32. Smith Westerns: Irukanji (Hozac)
33. Staggers: The Jaguar/Be My Queen (Teenage Trash Insanity)
34. Midways: No Thanks For Nothing (Manners Manners)
35. Dead Ghosts: Don’t Understand (Boom Chick)
36. Almighty Handclaps: Works Okay (Goodbye Boozy)
37. Mummies: Skinny Minnie (Never Been Caught)
38. Apache: Charlie (Hot Shot) (Boomtown Gems)
39. Nobunny: Chuck Berry Holiday (Love Visions)
40. Replacements: I Hate Music (Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash, reissue)
41. Ramones: Chainsaw (s/t)
42. Traditional Fools: Snot Rag (s/t)
43. Midnight Kicks: You’re Not The Scientist (Iekk Sounds)
44. Soul Survivors: Shakin’ With Linda (Decca)
45. Trashmen: Sally Jo (Bird Call!)
46. Steve & the Holidays: Unemployment (Real Gone Garbage)
47. Russ Olsen: Sorry About That (Ikon)
48. Unbelievable Uglies: Spiderman (Independence)
49. Raydios: Are You Ready (Now)
50. Gentleman Jessie: Highland Crawler/Black Hole (s/t)
51. Mojomatics: Wait A While (Don’t Pretend That You Know Me)
52. Jacuzzi Boys: A Strange Hand (Florida’s Dying)
53. King Khan & the Shrines: Fool Like Me (The Supreme Genius Of…)
54. Kenny & the Nite Riders: Swam Rat (Bristol)
55. Four Rogues: The Ralphie (Philtown)
56. Japanese Beatles: The Beatle Song (Japanese Style) (Golden Crest)
57. Dazzlers: Oo Clazy (Chop Suey Rock)
58. Charlie & Chan: My Boyfriend’s Learning Karate (Bent, Batty & ‘bnoxious)
59. Hong Kongs: Surfin’ In The China Sea (Chop Suey Rock)
60. Astro Babys: ???? (Go Baby Go)
61. Lot Lizzards: Leave Me Alone (I Got A Bomb)
62. Jet Boys: I’m Trash (Jumpin’ Jet Flash)
63. Mosquito Bandito: Art School (Boom Chick)
64. Slippery Slopes: Bikini Binge (Florida’s Dying)
65. Lulu’s Marble: Peter Gun Locomotion (Nippon)
66. Johnny & the Limelites: Summer Of Fun (Florida’s Dying)