Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/08/08

1. Bobby Mansfield & the Dusters: Rock At The Hop (Cupid)
2. Artie Holmes: Wee Willie Wiggle (Rare 50’s Boston Rockabilly)
3. J. Mikel w/the Hepcats: Betty Jean Rock (Sonic)
4. Tommy Strange: Nervous And Shaking All Over (Rocko)
5. Nite Caps: Wild Cat (Bryte)
6. Tony Cassanova: Showdown (Dore)
7. Hank LaGault: I Knew (Stardale)
8. Bing Day: Pony Tail Partner (King)
9. Tom & the Tornadoes: Long Pony Tail (Northway Sound)
10. Herbie Duncan w/Rod Wells & his Caravan from St. Louis: Hot Lips Baby (Mar-Vel)
11. Charlie Feathers: One Good Gal (Honky Tonk Kind)
12. Junior Marvel & the Barnstompers: Shirley Lee (Stompin’ At The Hillbilly Barn Boogie)
13. Johnny Burnette & the Rock And Roll Trio: Oh Baby Babe (Coral)
14. Gene Maltais: The Raging Sea (Lilac)
15. Johnny Dollar: My Gal Friday (Mr. Action Packed)
16. Al Sweat w/Johnnie Cale & the Valentines: I Hate Myself (Keen)
17. Ronnie Allen: Juvenile Delinquent (San)
18. Jerry “Boogie” McCain: I’m A Ding Dong Daddy From A Rock And Roll City (The Jig’s Up)
19. Baby Cortez: You Give Me The Heebie Jeebies (More Wild And Frantic)
20. Mean Devils: Rockin’ It Country Style (A Date With Devils)
21. Johnny Law & his Pistol Packin’ Daddies: Mean Mama (I’ll Get It Right)
22. Star Devils: You Can’t Do That (Diagnosis Dee-liscious)
23. Skinny Jim & the Wild Cats: Ain’t Up To No Good (Ain’t Up To No Good)
24. Rockets: Hot Rod Boogie (Hot Rod Boogie)
25. Buddy Bow: Twistin’ In The Jungle (Psycho Serenade)
26. Bobby Fuller: Shakedown (El Paso Rock)
27. Roadrunners: Roadrunner Baby (Michigan Nikel)
28. Olympics: The Slop (Arvee)
29. Nobunny: Nobunny Loves You (Love Visions)
30. Batman & Robin: Run Joker Run (Bachelor)
31. Los Idiotas: Yeah Yeah (Iekk Sounds)
32. Trouble Makers: Please Don’t Touch Me There (The Great Lost Trouble Makers Album)
33. Explorers Club: Last Kiss (Freedom Wind)
34. Beach Boys: Hawaii (Surfer Girl)
35. Queers: Don’t Back Down (Don’t Back Down)
36. Gentleman Jessie: All I Need Tonight Is You (s/t)
37. Julie Ocean: There’s A Place In The Back Of My Mind (Long Gone And Nearly There)
38. Manikins: You’re Bad When You Want Too (Crocodiles)
39. Google A: Champagne Twist (Wild Sazanami Beat)
40. Treeberrys: Canadian Fever (Talkin’ ‘bout…)
41. New Town Animals: Baby You’re The Reason (Is Your Radio Active?)
42. Spaceshits: At The Drive In (Winter Dance Party)
43. Reducers: Yeah Yeah (Guitars Bass Drums)
44. Pickwick Papers: You’re So Square (You’re So Square)
45. Chris Allen & the Goodtimers: My Imagination (Hollywood New World)
46. Nomadds: Roll Over Beethoven (s/t)
47. Romancers: Love’s The Thing (Linda)
48. Cobras: Instant Headache (Big Beat)
49. Fix-It: Kill Kill Kill (s/t)
50. Bad Sports: Asshole With The Girl (Boom Chick!)
51. Four Slicks: Show Me What You Got (…In Bonneville)
52. Midnight Kicks: You’re Not The Scientists (Iekk Sounds)
53. Johnny & the Limelites: Pizza Party (Terror Trash)
54. Squires: Going All The Way (Going All the Way With The…)
55. Riots: No More Talkin’ (Love After)
56. Juanita y los Feos: El Huracan Ha Llegado A Vietnam (s/t)
57. Mind Controls: Bite Your Tongue (s/t)
58. Quan & the Chinese Takeouts: Crazy Pills (no label)
59. Pets: A Lotta Things (Misdirection)
60. Anteengers MC: Illusion Of The Teens (Plastic Idol)
61. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Bury The Hatchet (The Sheik Said Shake)
62. Waistcoats: Into My Eyes (All The Rage)
63. Slow Slushy Boys: Nobody But A Snobby Fool (Boogaloo)
64. King Khan & the Shrines: Torture (Supreme Genius Of…)
65. Miss Chain & the Broken Heels: Common Shell (Rijapov)
66. Real Numbers: Hang Around With Me (Three Dimensional)
67. Poppets: The Way She Walks (Plastic Idol)
68. Mojomatics: You’re Not Me (Don’t Pretend That You Know Me)
69. Feeling Of Love: Everybody Says Yes (Petite Tu Es Hit)
70. Cheap Time: Permanent Damage (s/t)
71. Motorama: Candy Kisses (Psychotronic Is The Beat)