Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/01/08

1. Charlie Feathers: That’s All Right (Long Time Ago)
2. Jim McCrory w/Bob Bain’s Music: Rock Ya Baby (Key)
3. Dennis Volk: You’re The One (Fling)
4. Johnny Dollar: Car Coat Baby (Mr Action Packed)
5. Esquerita: Rockin’ The Joint (Vintage Voola)
6. Steve Bledsoe: Too Many Girlfriends (Nasty Rockabilly)
7. Jody Reynolds: Jeanie Mae (Endless Sleep)
8. Space Gear RnR Trio: Kentucky Waltz (Rough House Rock And Roll)
9. Hillbilly Delights: I’m A Hobo (Rough House Rock And Roll)
10. Tiny Murphy & his Bar 69 Boys: Hot Steel (Boppin’ Hillbillies)
11. Bobby DeWitt & the Williams’: Annie Mae (Ridgecrest)
12. Domestic Bumblebees: Rock And Roll Bal (Let’s Play A While)
13. Charlie Feathers: Honky Tonk Kind (Honky Tonk Kind)
14. Charlie Feathers: Wild Side Of Life (Wild Side Of Life)
15. Charlie Feathers: If You Were Mine To Lose (Honky Tonk Mind)
16. Charlie Feathers: We’re Getting Closer To Being Apart (Wild Side Of Life)
17. Charlie Feathers: It’s Just That Song (Long Time Ago)
18. Luis & the Wildfires: Wild In The Head (Brain Jail)
19. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: One Legged Rock (The Sheik Said Shake)
20. Mr Bonz One Man Band: Dynamite (The Man Without Bones)
21. Zeno Tornado & the Boney Google BrothersL Turn Around (Ramblin’ Man)
22. Ardells: Stronger Than Dirt (Tougher Than Stains)
23. Figures Of Light: It’s Lame (Norton)
24. Fantastic Emanons: Hitch Hike (A Go Go)
25. Nomadds: Lucille (s/t)
26. Worryin’ Kind: Wild About You (Trim)
27. Tempos: You Got Me Going Out Of My Head (Speaking If The… )
28. Midnight Kicks: Whoaaa (Iekk Sound)
29. Intellectuals: Wizard Of What (Invisible Is Best)
30. Boonaraaas: Shook Out Of Shape (Go Get Goo Goo)
31. Shindiggers: Come Back Baby (Maximum Beat)
32. Milkshakes: Pretty Baby (Talkin’ ‘bout… )
33. Milkshakes: Soldier Of Love (After School Session)
34. Box Elders: One Foot In Front Of The Other (Grotto)
35. Jewws: Girls Get Around (l’explosion du son maintneant!)
36. Four Slicks: Let The Kids Dance (…In Bonneville)
37. Midnight Shakes: Shake Your Bones (s/t)
38. Julie Ocean: Bright Idea (Long Gone And Nearly There)
39. Manikins: I Want My Baby Dead (Crocodiles)
40. Raydios: Fast Boys (Three Dimensonal)
41. Nobunny: Nobunny Loves You (Love Visions)
42. Crazy Rockers: Giddy Up (The Story Of… )
43. Tortians: Red Cadillac (Tougher Than Stains)
44. Undertakers: She Said Yeah (Un Earthed)
45. Rip Offs: My Baby Yeah (…Got A Record)
46. Miss Chain & the Broken Heels: Up All Night (Rijapov)
47. Gentleman Jessie & his Men: Going Out Of My Mind (Douchemaster)
48. Wire: 12XU (Pink Flag)
49. Gears: Let’s Go To The Beach (Rockin’ At Ground Zero)
50. Monsters Of The Surf: Beach Blanket Bimbo (s/t)
51. Batman & Robin: I Feel Pretty Good While Smashing Other People (Bachelor)
52. Bum Kon: Better Than You (Drunken Sex Sucks)
53. Cheap Time: Ginger Snap (s/t)
54. Okmoniks: Hey, I’m Okay (Party Fever!!!)
55. Juanita y los Feos: No Tengo Ritmo (s/t)
56. Vivian Girls: Never See Me Again (s/t)
57. 1.4.5.’s: Dodge Caravan (Rock Invasion)
58. Mama Guitar: Break Up My Heart (Introducing… )
59. Diplomats Of Sound feat. The Diplomettes: B.A.B.Y. (s/t)
60. Mike & the Ravens: I Wanna See You Dance (Noisy Boys!)
61. Love Boat: the Love Boat Song (Shake Your Ass)
62. Pets: I Can’t Keep Myself Straight (Misdirection)
63. Baby Shakes: Baby, It’s You (Rob’s House)
64. Dialtones: Playing That Beat On The Radio (Dead Beat)
65. Motorama: Tell Me What? (Psychotronic Is The Beat)
66. Bad Sports: No Rest For The Wicked (Big Action)
67. Tampoffs: Cry Baby (demo)
68. Rock And Roll Adventure Kids: Teenage Caveman (Bachelor)
69. Heartattacks: Radio Radio (Ken Rock)
70. Real Numbers: Radio World (Three Dimensional)
71. Pleasers: Rock And Roll Radio (Thamesbeat)