Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 06/17/08

1. Augie Garcia Quintet: Let The Good Times Roll (Megaton Rock)
2. Walt Reo & the Bishops: Twist With Mary Lou (Bridges)
3. Young Jessie: Oochie Coochie (Modern)
4. Five Hearts: Aunt Jenny (Megaton Rock)
5. Benny Joy: Miss Bobby Sox (Edison)
6. Ray Vernon: I’m Counting On You (Missing Links)
7. Backwood Boys: The Mileage (s/t)
8. Hank Williams: Why Don’t You Love Me (Original Singles Collection)
9. Rhythm Bound: Hit And Run (Born To Love You)
10. Rock-A-Bops: Wild Child (Wild Child)
11. Gene LaMarr: Crazy Little House On The Hill (Songs We Taught The Four Slicks)
12. Jimmie Tennant & his Dynatones: Giggle Wiggle (Megaton Rock)
13. Hot Stuff: Call Me Up (The Rockabilly Quartet)
14. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: Evil Clutches (The Sheik Said Shake)
15. Briton Herlihy & the Ramblers: Reform School Baby (Rare 50’s Boston Rockabilly)
16. Mel Price & his Santa Fe Rangers: Nothing Seems To Go Right Anymore (Boppin’ Hillbilly)
17. Lucky Stars: Everybody’s Fool (Hollywood And Western)
18. Santos: Something About You (In The Groove)
19. Tielman Brothers: Rock Little Baby (Totally Tielman)
20. Little “Doc” Raymond: It Looks Plum Silly To Me (Megaton Rock)
21. Eddie Bell & the Bel-Aires: Knock Knock Knock (Mercury)
22. Jackie Dallas: Lorraine (Fawn)
23. Jackie Lee Cochran: I Wanna See You (Jaguar)
24. Rockin’ Ryan: Whatcha Gonna Do Tomorrow ( The Cover Up
25. Link Wray & his Wraymen: Drag Race (They’re Outta Here Says Archie)
26. Jimmy Troy: The Brain (Land Of 1000 Dunces)
27. Shimmys: Crazy Baby
28. Box Elders: Hole In My Head (Grotto)
29. Real Numbers: Radio World (Three Dimensional)
30. Manikins: I Want My Baby Dead (Crocodiles)
31. Cheap Trick: I Want You To Want Me (In Color….And Black And White)
32. Raydios: Fast Boy (Three Dimensional)
33. Coconut Coolouts: Spell It Out, Dummy (Party Time Machine)
34. Turpentine Brothers: DDT (s/t)
35. Statics: Can’t Get Enough (Punk Rock And Roll)
36. Functional Blackouts: Stab Your Back (The Severed Tongue Speaks For Everyone)
37. Ka-Nives: Wild One (Get Dupped)
38. Four Slicks: Parkin’ In The Dark (…In Bonneville)
39. Midnight Kicks: Whoaaa! (Iekk Sounds)
40. King Khan & the Shrines: Shivers Down My Spine (The Supreme Genius Of…)
41. Shitbirds: I Want You (Popllama)
42. Miss Chain & the Broken Heels: Heartsick (Rijapov)
43. Motorama: Damage Goods (Psychotronic Is The Beat)
44. Cheap Time: Permanent Damage (s/t)
45. Stingrays: Dynamite (Jobel)
46. Mark IV: Hi Ho Silver (Lost Souls)
47. Weavils: We’re The Weavils (Lori)
48. Modest Lads: She Could Be In The Beatles (Trouser Load Of Load)
49. Bad Sports: No Rest For The Wicked (Big Action)
50. Nymphets: Feels Like Motherfuckers (Psychic Handshake)
51. Drags: I Like To Die (Resin)
52. Jauanita y los Feos: Footing (s/t)
53. Donny B Waugh: C’Mon Everybody (UA)
54. Sonics: He’s Waiting (Boom)
55. Kaviliers: Get Your Feet Off Of Me (Morgan)
56. Replacements: You Ain’t Gotta Dance (Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash, reissue)
57. Hipshakes: Want You Around (Slovenly)
58. Forbidden Tigers: White Rd White (Magnetic Problems)
59. Weakends: Death Ride (Rob’s House)
60. Mojomatics: She Loves (Don’t Pretend That You Know Me)
61. Rippers: Out OF My Head For A Day (Slovenly)
62. Shindiggers: Hangin’ It Up (Maximum Beat)
63. Nomadds: WPLJ (s/t)
64. Bleach Boys: Wine Wine Wine (Surfin’ In The Midwest)
65. Ebbtones: We’re Wobblin’ (Land Of 1000 Dunces)
66. Anteenagers MC: TV Ad (Plastic Idol)
67. Poppets: Get Back (Plastic Idol)
68. Feeling Of Love: Yeah Yeah Yeah (Petite Tu Es Un Hit)
69. Statues: Where Are You (P.Trash/FDH)
70. CoCoComa: She Get To Heavy (Holds Too Tight) (s/t)
71. Boys Club: So Kinetic (Bachelor)
72. Contaminators: Drivin’ Me Crazy (s/t)
73. Toyotas: Mad Man (P.Trash)