Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 05/27/08

1. Dawnbeats: Midnight Express (Amp)
2. Big Jim Wynn & his Band: Let’s Rock (Great)
3. Instrumentals: Chop Suey Rock (Chop Suey Rock)
4. Nanine: Souie Baby Souie (Loli)
5. Tony Moon w/the Aktones: NaCl (Real Gone Garbage)
6. B.B. Cunningham: Trip To The Bandstand (Cover)
7. Star Devils: Sweetest Thing (Diagnosis Dee-licious)
8. Round Up Boys: Whirlwind Mary (Another Night, Another Town)
9. Rock-A-Bops: Wild Child (Wild Child)
10. Tribal Bops: Little Chicken (The Complete Tribal Bops)
11. Smith’s Ranch Boys: Leave Me Like You Found Me (More Barnyard Favorites)
12. Okie-Dokies: Don’t Be Gone Long (Ninety-One Pounds Of Love)
13. Country Cattin’: Don’t Start Cryin’ Now (Talk Of The Town)
14. Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: One Legged Rock (The Sheik Said Shake)
15. Johnny Burnette & the Rock And Roll Trio: Sweet Love On My Mind (Coral)
16. Hot Rhythm And Booze: Girl Of Many Charms (Broke n’ Blue)
17. Santos: Mess About You (In The Groove)
18. Domestic Bumblebees: Too Drunk To Rock (Let’s Play A While)
19. Fancy Dan & the High Shouters: Backseat Boogie (Baby Come On)
20. Rockin’ Ryan: I’m A Man (The Cover Up)
21. Omar & the Stringpoppers: Rock Around The Town With You (Getting Wilder)
22. Josie Kreuzer: Luck And Wild (Beggin’ Me Back)
23. Baboons: Number Nine (Boogie Disease)
24. Johnny Law & the Pistol Packin’ Daddies: White Wall Boogie (I’ll Get It Right)
25. Garnet Hearts: Trouble And Strife (Life Behind Bars)
26. Squires: Batmobile (Penguin)
27. Street Cleaners: Garbage City (Wail On The Beach)
28. Xciters: Upsetter (Lost Souls)
29. Miss Chain & the Broken Heels: Up All Night (Rijapov)
30. Tampoffs: All The Time (demo)
31. Midnight Kicks: Whoaaa! (Iekk! Sounds)
32. Motorama: Black And White (Psychotronic Is The Beat)
33. Riots: Tell Me Tonight (Love After)
34. King Khan & his Shrines: Land Of The Freak (The Supreme Genius Of…)
35. Nobunny: Chuck Berry Holiday (Love Visions)
36. Bad Sports: I’m No Good (Bug Action)
37. Trouble Makers: You Make A Better Boor (The Great Lost Trouble Makers Album)
38. Nine Pound Hammer: She’s So Cool (Smokin’ Taters)
39. Screeching Weasel: Veronica Hates Me (My Brain Hurts)
40. Diskords: Heart Full Of Napalm (Blame It On The Kids)
41. Manikins: You’re Bad When You Want To (Crocodiles)
42. Spectors: That Girl Is Leaving Town (Beat Is Murder)
43. Real Numbers: Radio World (Three Dimensional)
44. Statues: Adult Teeth (P.Trash/FDH)
45. Beat Beat: Without You (Bachelor/Milk n’ Chocolate)
46. Christmas Island: Doin’ Swell (World’s Lousy With Ideas vol.5)
47. Raunch Hands: Mess Around (Wild Zero)
48. Oblivians: You Fucked Me Up, You Put Me Down (Popular Favorites)
49. Juanita y los Feos: No Tengo Ritmo (s/t)
50. Okmoniks: Not That Good (Part Fever!!!)
51. Joneses: Fix Me (Criminals)
52. Staags!!!: Forfeited My Youth (Adult Brigade)
53. Channel 3: Out Of Control (The Skinhead Years)
54. Sex Clark Five: Detention Girls (Strum And Drum)
55. Replacements: Like You (Sorry Ma, I Forgot To Take Out The Trash, reissue)
56. Intellectuals: Go To The Beach With A Cinnamon Girl (Invisible Is Best)
57. Ty Segall: Pretty Baby You’re Ugly (demo)
58. Popetts: Get Back (Plastic Idol)
59. Pleasers: I’m In Love (Thamesbeat)
60. Shindiggers: Fool For You (Maximum Beat)
61. Johnny & the Limelites: Pizza Party (Terror Trash)]
62. Nymphets: Bekki Anne (Psychic Handshake)
63. Launderettes: I Wanna Jump Your Bones (Shaken And Disturbed)
64. Quan & the Chinese Takeouts: Poorman St. (no label)
65. Terrible Two’s: I’m So Bored (s/t)
66. Carbonas: Your Love Is Inside Out (Douchemaster)
67. Midnight Shakes: Gotta Dance (s/t)
68. Low Point Drains: Baby’s Night Out (demo)
69. Firewalkers: Hallelujah!!! (Nervous Breakdown)
70. Tres Delicias: Spring Roll (Big Black Hole)
71. Cheap Time: Too Late (s/t)
72. Ettes: I Could Tell (Look At Life Again)
73. Sonic Chicken 4: Sexist (s/t)
74. Maggots: I Am What I Am (Vindicated)