Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/15/08

1. Johnny Burnette & the Rock And Roll Trio: Your Baby Blue Eyes (Coral)
2. Sam Samson & the Shufflers: Squeeze Me Pretty Mama (At The Party, Still)
3. Cherry Casino & the Gamblers: She's Going To Ruin Me (Fat Mama's Daughter, Rhythm Bomb)
4. Nosey Joe & the Pool Kings: Club Jump (s/t, Enviken)
5. Paul Peek: Sweet Skinny Jenny (The Rock-A-Round, Norton)
6. Radio Ramblers: Fever Bound (Hot To Trot, Tail)
7. Starkweather Boys: Abigal Blue (Viva Las Vegas vol.10)
8. Alley Cats: Alley Cat (At The Party, Still)
9. Joe Simon w/Bill Fox & his Knights: Call My Name (Hush)
10. Ronnie Self: Go Go The Cannibal (Columbia)
11. Jim Dickerson & the Catmando Quartet: Monkey Man (Southtown)
12. Moongooners: Moongooners Twist (Donna)
13. Johnny Carrol: Rag Mop Rock (Baby, Rock It, Bear Family)
14. Boogaloo & the Gallant Crew: Talk About A Party (Crest)
15. Johnny Law & his Pistol Packin' Daddies: I'll Get It Right (I'll Get It Right, Rhythm Bomb)
16. Garnet Hearts: Ain't Crazy (Life Behind Bars, Wild Hare)
17. Junior Marvel & his Hi-Flyers: Cold Feet (Stompin' At The Hillbilly Barn Boogie, Rundell)
18. Deke Dickerson: Bomb Shelter For My Heart (King Of The Whole Wide World, Rock And Roll Inc.)
19. Sir Royal Da Count w/the Parliaments: Scream Mother Scream (Party Party Party, Yeah Yeah Yeah)
20. Bobby Lee Trammell: Arkansas Twist (Alley)
21. Wax Museums: Disco Ball (World's Lousy With Ideas, Almost Ready)
22. Brimstone Howl: Uptight (Shake Your Ass)
23. Sonic Chicken 4: I Had Too Much To Drink Last Night (s/t, In The Red)
24. Cheap Time: Handy Man (Douchemaster)
25. Black Hollies: That Little Girl (Casting Shadows, Ernest Jenning)
26. Everyday Things: Cry (Lighten Up, Francis, Not Lame)
27. Zombies: Just Out Of Reach (Decca Stereo Recordings, Big Beat)
28. New Bomb Turks: American Soul Spiders (Drunk On Cock, Engine)
29. Teeners: Brain Transplant (Super Secret)
30. Hidden Charms: Not Far Enough (My Ruin)
31. Los Idiotas: Tengo Una Biblia En Casa (Iekk! Sound)
32. King Uszniewicz & the Uszniewicztones: I Saw Her On The Beach (Teenagge Dance Party With..., Norton)
33. Petty Booka: I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend (Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian, Weed)
34. Ramones: SLUG (Rocket to Russia, Rhino)
35. Fallen Leaves: All That You Choose (It's Too Late Now, Parliament)
36. Black & Whites: Savage (s/t, Douchemaster)
37. Maharajahs: Not A New Sensation (In Pure Spite, Low Impact)
38. Mink Jaguar: You Got The Answers (...Again, Stop)
39. Dead Ghosts: What To Do (Milk n' Herpes)
40. Box Elders: 2010 (Grotto)
41. Cockroaches: Nobody Likes Me (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
42. Krunchies: Tornado Of Stupidity (Criminal IQ)
43. Frumpies: Baby Plays For Pritty (Frumpies One Piece, Kill Rock Stars)
44. Love Boat: Love Boat Song (Shake Your Ass)
45. Cool Jerks: Holmes' Daughter Jane (This Is It, Soundflat)
46. Fine Lines: In The Hands Of A Madman (Wee Rock)
47. Strangeloves: Cara-lyn (Bang)
48. Saturday Knights: Dum Ditty Dum (Jet)
49. Dukes Of Hamburg: Bu Bu Bi Du (Star Club Show 1, Dionysus)
50. Teengenerate: Baby Doll (Audio Recording, Munster)
51. Beat Beat: Washing Machine (Spin The Bottle)
52. 8th Route Army: Record Burning Party (Shielded By Death, Bacchus Archives)
53. Reducers: Information Overload (s/t, Rave On)
54. Forbidden Tigers: Son Of A Carnivore (Magnetic Problems, Dead Beat)
55. Firewalkers: Hallelujah! (Nervous Breakdown!!!, Green Cookie)
56. Riots: Hold On Me (Love After, Sound Camera)
57. Trash 5: I Gotta (Lurid Dreams Of Dr. Seed, Ballagroove)
58. Replacements: Treatment Bound (Hootenanny, Twin Tone)
59. Reatards: All I Got Is RNR (Grown Up Fucked Up, Empty)
60. Pizzas: Too Popular (Daggerman)
61. Turpentine Brothers: DDT (s/t, Alien Snatch)
62. X-Offender: Oh (Milk n' Herpes)
63. Jon Spenser Blues Explosion: Down Low (Jukebox, In The Red)
64. Estrogen Highs: She's Gone Missing (Never Heard Of It)