Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/08/08

1. Mike Fern: A-Bomb Bop (Demo)
2. Carl Mann: Satellite #2 (Jaxon)
3. Big Jim Wynn & his Band: Let's Rock (Great)
4. Paul Griffin: Rag Doll Baby (Black Midnight Jump)
5. Neil Darrow w/the Quarter Notes: She's A Fine Chick (Wizz)
6. Joe Lyons & the Arrows: Shufflin' Jive (Black Midnight Jump)
7. Lewis Reed: Your Love (Norton)
8. Night Owls: You Couldn't Ought Done That (Black Midnight Jump)
9. Sonny Stevens & Orchestra: Bessie Lou (Onda)
10. Willie Egans: Rock And Roll Fever (Dash)
11. Jimmy Liggins & his Days Of Joy Orchestra: Knocked Out (Duplex)
12. Chuck Grey: Rock And Roll Is In My Soul (Fable)
13. Donnie Bowshier: Tight Shoe Boogie (King)
14. Buck Stevens & the Buckshots: Baby Rocks (s/t)
15. Blue Valley Boys: Blue Valley Boy (The Amazing...)
16. Deke Dickerson: Itchin' FOr My Baby (King Of The Whole Wide World)
17. Joe Clay: Did You Mean Jelly Bean (RCA)
18. Garnet Hearts: Trouble And Strife (Life Behind Bars)
19. Mad Men: Dig This Action (Rhythm And Sin)
20. Dusty Chance & the Allnighters: Bop It (Savage)
21. Lil Luis & los Wild Teens: Rip It, Rip It Up (Rip It Up)
22. Boom Boom Cats: Everytime That Record Plays (Tell Me Who...)
23. Noisy Boys: Gee Whizz (Play Rough)
24. Chris Cerf w/the Gordy Main & the Maniacs: Fallout Filly (Vanitis)
25. Del Vettes: I Call My Baby STP (Sundazed)
26. Los Locos Del Ritmo: Chicka Alboratada (Mexican Rock And Roll Rumble)
27. Benders: Can't Tame Me (Can't Tame Me)
28. What Nots: I Need You Baby (Amber)
29. Insane: Someone Like You (Alley Oop!)
30. April March: Chick Habit (SFTRI)
31. Love Boat: Don't Ask Me Why (Shake Your Ass)
32. Box Elders: Hole In My Head (Grotto)
33. Los Shakers: Break It All (Por Favor)
34. Riots: No More Talkin' (Love After)
35. Bunnies: Nap To Do (Ooh Wee Baby)
36. Fine Lines: Domino / Praying Mantis (Wee Rock)
37. Astro Babys: Party Night Of Love (Go Baby Go)
38. Swingin' Neckbreakers: Do The Stand (Kick Your Ass)
39. Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders: Long Love Letter (Holdin' On To Troubles Hand)
40. Pizzas: Hideous Fashion (Daggerman)
41. Saints: Wild About You (Complete Recordings 1976-1978)
42. Boys Club: Nothin' Better To Do (Bachelor)
43. Gentleman Jessie & his Men: Going Out Of My Head (Douchemaster)
44. Killroy: Falling Forward (Introducing...)
45. Nodzzz: We're The Only Animals (Make A Mess)
46. Zeros: Beat Your Heart Out (Don't Push Me Around)
47. Quan & the Chinese Takeouts: Scrap It (demo)
48. Firewalkers: Just One More Time (Nervous Breakdown!!!)
49. Okmoniks: Not That Good (Party Fever!!!)
50. Loli & the Chones: Everybody Hates Me (Repent)
51. Manikins: It's Only Blood (Epileptic)
52. Shoot It Up: Outta Control (Criminal IQ)
53. Doctor Explosion: Surf And Shake (Tutus Tutus)
54. Urban Surf Kings: Wigwam (Bang Howdy Partner)
55. Introducers: Surf Feva (Close Ups)
56. Aqua Vista: Slim Side (Gentleman Racer)
57. Teenie Cheetahs: You're Nut (Come Dance To The Beat)
58. Come 'n Go: The Life You Have (Something's Gotta Move)
59. Rippers: It's Not A Place For The Man (Slovenly)
60. Resonars: Nonetheless Blue (Nonetheless Blue)
61. Tough & Lovely: I Just Missed You (Teardrops)
62. Rovin' Flames: I Can't (Hang It Out To Dry)
63. Fabulous Pharaohs: Hold Me Tight (Reprize)
64. First Four: Empty Heart (Claridge)
65. JD Rogues: Why Did God Make Girls (Kayden)
66. Lil Boys Blue: I'm Not There (Can't Tame Me)
67. Bobby Runnel's Faux Pas: True Love - Heartaches (Faux Pas)
68. Redwoods: Tell Me (Phalanx)
69. John Fred: Your Mad At Me (Jewel)