Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 04/01/08

1. Jerry Dove & his String Dusters: Pink Bow Tie (TNT)
2. Billy Adams: Rock Pretty Mama (Quincy)
3. Blue Tones: Shake Shake (King)
4. Scott Engel w/beat by Count Dracula & the Boys: Good For Nothin' (Orbit)
5. Ray Cole & his Sky Rockets: Jukebox Rock And Roll (Arcade)
6. Wanda Jackson: Funnel Of Love (Capitol)
7. The Phantom: Love Me (Dot)
8. Maddy Brothers: Rockin' Party (Celestial)
9. Joey Michaels: Sixteen Cats (Arcade)
10. "Uncle" Buck Lite With The Rhythm Rockers: Mr Ducktail (Ron Mar)
11. Frankie Evans & the Top Notchers: Gotta Get Some Money (Nugget)
12. Johnny Bell: Flip Flop & Fly (Brunswick)
13. Deke Dickerson: Make Me A Better Man (King Of The Whole Wide World)
14. Dean Carter: Boppin' The Bug (Call Of The Wild)
15. Skinny McGhee & the Mayhem Makers: Riot In The Barnyard (99 Years)
16. Josie Kreuzer: Lucky And Wild (Beggin' Me Back)
17. Carl Perkins: Movie Magg (Sun)
18. The Mad Daddy: I Love A Good Practical Joke (Wavy Gravy)
19. Lee Castle & the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra: Big Bad Train
20. Travis Wammack: Night Train (Twistin' Rumble)
21. Carol Brothers: Bo Diddley (It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Beat)
22. Legendary Stardust Cowboy: Paralyzed (Paralyzed! His Vintage Recordings 1968-1981)
23. Myron Lee & the Caddies: Homicide (Hep)
24. Downliners Sect: Glendora (Be A Sect Maniac)
25. Sonics: Dirty Robber (Heere Are The...)
26. Pizzas: Bad Ass Youth (Daggerman)
27. Shit Eagles: Grils In School (FDR)
28. Forbidden Tigers: Next In Line (Magnetic Problems)
29. Ape City R&B: Wot I Say (La Ti Da)
30. Lulu's Marble: Money (s/t)
31. Chinese Millionaires: Double Tough Twist (Detroit Double Cross)
32. Sonic Chicken 4: Girl 66 (s/t)
33. Box Elders: One Foot In Front OF The Other (Grotto)
34. Dead Ghosts: What To Do (Milk n Herpes)
35. Gentleman Jessie & his Men: I Don't Wanna Know (Douchemaster)
36. Love Me Nots: Move In Tight (In Black And White)
37. Compulsive Gamblers: The Way I Feel About You (Crystal Gazing Luck Amazing)
38. Tuff Bananas: Candy (Dusty Medical)
39. Hipshakes: Want You Around (Slovenly)
40. Brentwoods: Doofus Stomp (Fun In South City)
41. Outs: Hullabaloo (All Black Out)
42. Great Mongoose: Girl Can't Dance (93-98)
43. George Washington & the Cherry Trees: Crisco Party (Flash And Crash)
44. Kinks: I'm Lover Not A Fighter (Kink-Size)
45. Kornerstones: Rat Fink (Mondo Frat Dance Bash A Go Go)
46. Famous Finks: Little Coffee Shop (Mas Roc n Rol)
47. Nick & the Jaguars: Ichibon #1 (Motown)
48. Mummies: Sooprize Package For Mr Mineo (Fuck CD's)
49. Traashwomen: Dates On Me (Spend The Night With The...)
50. Riots: Waste My Time (Love After)
51. Modern Primitives: Really Jacqueline (s/t)
52. Dazes: Kiss Twist (Just Dreamy)
53. Baby Shakes: Baby It's You (Rob's House)
54. Black & Whites: I Need A Good Girl (s/t)
55. Jeanie & the Tits: Slut Fame (Florida's Dying)
56. Okmoniks: It's Not You (Party Fever!!!)
57. Griefs: Bored Outta My Gored (Throwing A Temper Tantrum)
58. Yolks: Don't Blame Me (Bachelor)
59. Crime: Baby You're So Repulsive (Piss On Your Turntable)
60. Introducers: Mr Pussycat (Close Up)
61. Slow Slushy Boys: The Girl She Always Smiles (Ballroom Bash!)
62. Hi Risers: She'll Be My Ruin (Once We Get Started)
63. Brimstone Howl: Tunnel Of Love (Boom Chick)
64. Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire: Walking Off The Map (Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall)