Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/04/08

1. Don & Dewey: Baby Gotta Party (Specialty)
2. Richard Berry: Yamma Yamma Pretty Mama (RPM)
3. Tiny Kennedy: Strange Kinda Feeling (Groove)
4. Bobby Johnson: Oh Baby (Wild And Frantic)
5. Noisy Boys: What's Damn Wrong (What's Damn Wrong)
6. Zantees: Tic Tac Toe (Midnight)
7. Royal Deuces: Red Hot Gal (Introducing The...)
8. Santos: Crazy Crazy Loving (Wild Records Presents...)
9. Starline Rhythm Boys: Do A Little Wrong Tonight (Better Luck Is Just A Bar Room Away)
10. Mean Devils: Don't Stop The Rock Bop (Outta Space Bop)
11. Shelby Smith: Rockin' Mama (Rebel)
12. Dell Vaughn w/the Fortune-aires: Rock The Universe (Fortune)
13. Don Willis: Boppin' High School Baby (Satellite)
14. Elvis Presley: You're A Heartbreaker (Sun)
15. Phil Gray & his Go Boys: Pepper Hot Baby (Rhythm)
16. Bobby Roberts w/the Highpockets' Delta Rockets: Big Sandy (Sky)
17. Buck Stevens & the Buckshots: My Baby Left For Hawaii (s/t)
18. Junior Marvel & his Hi-Flyers: I Wanna Love My Baby (Stompin' At The Hillbilly Boogie Barn)
19. Mars Attacks: Circle Of Love (Circle Of Love)
20. Bobby Freeman: Betty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes (Josie)
21. Dusty Chance & the Allnighters: Bop It (Savage)
22. Charlie Hightone & the Rock-its: Tryin' To Guess Your Blues (Rock It Man, Rock It)
23. Dave Del Monte & his Cross Country Boys: Big Fool (Cross The Line)
24. Randy Rich & the Poor Boys: I'm A Hepcat (The Way You Came)
25. Velveteens: Chim Bam Bah (Party Party Party)
26. Trash 5: I'm Gone (The Lucid Dreams of Dr. Seed)
27. Los Idiotas: The Blob (Slovenly)
28. Hidden Charms: Don't Hide Your Charms (Kleingeld/My Ruin)
29. Carbonas: I'm A Schiso (s/t)
30. Beat Beat: Washing Machine (Spin The Bottle)
31. Forbidden Tigers: Neanderthal (Magnetic Problems)
32. Hipshakes: OK Alright (Slovenly)
33. Losin' Streaks: Hate (Sounds Of Violence)
34. Estrogen Highs: She's Gone Missing (Never Heard Of It)
35. Cool Jerks: Telling No Lies (This Is It)
36. Headcoats: I'll Make You Mine (Headcoats Down)
37. Coconut Coolouts: Spell It Out Dummy (Seeing Eye)
38. Hex Dispensers: Lose My Cool (Douchemaster)
39. Toyotas: Girl On Channel 2 (P.Trash)
40. Nodzzz: I Don't Wanna Smoke Marajuanna (Make A Mess)
41. Cheap Time: Handy Man (Douchemaster)
42. Hell On Heels: Can't Buy Cool (Dogs, Records And Wine)
43. Browny Circus: Super Surf Jet Girl (Super Surf Jet Girl)
44. Queers: Another Girl (Don't Back Down)
45. Makeouts: Still Love You (Radio Obligato)
46. Gito Gito Hustler: What's My....? (Big Neck)
47. Wax Museums: Disco Ball (World's Lousy With Ideas)
48. Slab City: Milwaukee's Beast (Slovenly)
49. Fallen Leaves: Revenge (Parliment)
50. Quitters: Monkee Suit (Second Album)
51. Riots: Are You Gonna Love Me (Love After)
52. Hi-Risers: Once We Get Started (Once We Get Started)
53. Cleopatras: On The Beach (Perdurabo)
54. Sonic Chicken 4: On My Way (s/t)
55. Modern Primitives: I Might Be Your Friend (s/t)
56. Skunks: Earthquake Shake (Bloodstains Over Texas)
57. Intellectuals: Oh Frued (Invisible Is The Best)
58. Cat Burglars: Poison Party and the next one too (Tooth Decay)
59. Busy Signals: Stereo (s/t)
60. CoCoComa: I Swear (s/t)
61. Len Price 3: Girl Like You (Rentacrowd)
62. Head: Spend The Night Alone (Goner)
63. Young Man Psycho Blues: Teenage Rockers (Teenage Rockers)
64. Yolks I Found Love (no label)
65. Reverend Beat-Man: I'm Over With You (Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash vol.2)
66. Staggers: Black Hearse Cadillac (Ballroom Bash!)
67. Popetts: New Year (Bachelor)
68. Brutal Knights: Information Overload (Feast Of Shame)
69. Alrightees: Whatcha Doin' Girl (Boom Chick)
70. Chinese Lungs: Outta My Head (Gaphead)