Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/18/10

1. Sammy Masters & his Rocking Rhythm: Some Like It Hot (4 Star)
2. Darryl Vincent: Wild Wild Party (Sandy)
3. Buck Stevens: Baby Take Me Back (Do You Remember)
4. Radio Ramblers: Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (Hot To Trot)
5. Garnet Hearts: Ain't Crazy (Life Behind Bars)
6. Phil Grey & his Go Boys: Bluest Boy In Town (Rhythm)
7. Deke Dickerson: Misshapen Hillbilly Woman (King Of The Whole Wide World)
8. Don Bowman: TV Commercials (LaGree)
9. Dale Hawkins: Don't Treat Me This Way (Rock And Roll Tornado)
10. Roy Gaines & his Orchestra: Skippy Is A Sissy (Del-Fi)
11. Hank's Jalopy Demons: Shake A Bop (I'm Going Straight... To The Electric Chair)
12. John Worthan: Cat's Were Jumpin' (Peach)
13. Joel Hill: I Thought It Over (It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Beat)
14. Two Timin' Three: No Thru (Where Did You Sleep Last Night)
15. Skinny Jim & the Wild Cats: Gonna Bop It (Ain't Up To No Good)
16. Charlie Feathers: One Hand Loose (Jungle Fever)
17. Rockin' Ryan: Turn Me Loose From The Noose (The Young Breed)
18. Bernie Hess: Boppin' The Rock (Spade)
19. Eddie Cash & the Cashiers: Doin' Aright (Peak)
20. Pat Cupp: Long Gone Daddy (Crown)
21. Jades: Rough House (Alley Oop)
22. Mike & the Ravens: Obie Doobie Do (Heart So Cold)
23. Introducers: Wicked (Close Ups)
24. Trashmen: Sally Jo (Bird Call!!!)
25. Turpentine Brothers: DDT (s/t)
26. Box Elders: Hole In My Head (Grotto)
27. Rippers: Out Of My Head For A Day (Slovenly)
28. Fallen Leaves: Reputation (It's Too Late Now)
29. Wildebeests: One And One (Slovenly)
30. Morticia's Lovers: Rock And Roll Girl (Rock And Roll Overdose)
31. Chinese Millionaires: If Wishes Were Hearses (Detroit Doublecross)
32. Forbidden Tigers.....aborted! actually could never really get it started.
33. Sonics: The Witch (Heere Are....)
34. Cool Jerks: Auf Die Piste (Aus Dem Weg)
35. Hi-Risers: She'll Be My Ruin (Once We Get Started)
36. Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders: Long Love Letter (Holdin' On To Trouble's Hand)
37. Hipshakes: I Don't Know (Slovenly)
38. Black & Whites: When I'm Down (s/t)
39. Estrogen Highs: She Don't Bother (Milk n Herpes)
40. Wax Museums: Claw You Like A Cat (Hozac)
41. Toyotas: Mad Man (P.Trash)
42. Jet Boys: I'm Trash (Jumpin' Jet Flash)
43. Jack Hammer: ????
44. Wailers: Out Of Our Tree (Livewire)
45. Come n Go: The Time You Spend (Something's Got To Go)
46. Los Idiotas: Feelin' Alright (Iekk! Sound)
47. Okmoniks: Hide And Seek / I'm On My Own (Party Fever!!!)
48. Firewalkers: Don't Put Me Down (Nervous Breakdown)
49. Riots: Wasting My Time (Love After)
50. Break Up Society: Nobody Likes A Winner (Nobody Likes A Winner)
51. Mark & the Spies: Try As I Might (s/t)
52. Satelliters: For You (Where Do We Go)
53. Gruesomes: Three Men And A Coffin (Gruesomology)
54. Booaraaas: Turn Him Down (Go Get Goo Goo)
55. Total Rejekts: Let The Bad Times Roll (Static Wagon)
56. Cheap Time: Wild Life (Douchemaster)
57. Pumpers: Let Go (Wall Ride)
58. Brutal Knights: Support Me (Living By Yourself)
59. Functional Blackouts: Tick Tick Tick (Very Best Of The Monkeys)
60. Beat Beat: Get Out OF My Life (Spin The Bottle)
61. Heartbeatz: Secret Girls (Going Underground)
62. Burning Hatreds: Bad Little Girl (Bug House)
63. Heartattacks: Daddy's Gotta Go (Here Comes The....)
64. Mummies: Red Cobra #9 (Fuck CD's, It's The Mummies)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 3/11/08

1. Rory Justice & his Ubangi Rockers: Let's Bop (Rock And Roll Flu)
2. Star Devils: Red Hot Ridinghood (Devil's Music)
3. Dusty Chance & the All Nighters: Lost My Marbles (Savage)
4. Luis & the Wildfires: Wild In The Head (Brain Jail)
5. Pete & the Atomics: Honey Bee (Let's Talk About The Good Times)
6. Tribal Bops: Crazy In Love (The Complete...)
7. Deke Dickerson: Itchin' For My Baby (King Of The Whole Wide World)
8. Eddie Bond & his Stompers: Talkin' Off The Wall (Early Recordings)
9. Smith's Ranch Boys: How Baby How (Barnyard Favorites)
10. Lucky Stars: Don't Count Your Chickens (Stay Out Late)
11. Round Up Boys: Whirlwind Mary (Another Night, Another Time)
12. Nightriders: Lookin' For My Baby (Lokey Dookey)
13. Eddie Baxter: Fortune Cookie Pt.1 (Kapp)
14. Roy "Boogie Boy" Perkins: Drop Top (Ram)
15. Eldorados: What's Bugging You Baby (Best Of...)
16. Eddie Bell & his Bel-Aires: He's A Square (Bel-Aire)
17. Jackie Lee Cochran: Ruby Pearl (Decca)
18. Graham B: Rock And Roll Fever (Speaks)
19. Glen Glenn: Everybody's Movin' (Glen Rocks)
20. Jeff Daniels: Switchblade Sam (Big Howdy)
21. Dwight Pullen: Sunglasses After Dark (Carlton)
22. Van Brothers: Servant Of Love (Poor Boy)
23. Jerry Parsons & the Blue Jeans: Don't Need No Job (Amp)
24. Wildebeests: Alles Aboard (Sticky Death Molecule)
25. Ne'er Do Wells: Shimmy Shake (Gift Of Knowledge)
26. Nylon: She's A Windup (Cover Song Series)
27. Fine Lines: Lose Control (Set You Straight)
28. Milkshakes: Cadalina (19th Nervous Shakedown)
29. Brimstone Howl: Uptight / The Gates 2 (Shake Your Ass)
30. Forbidden Tigers: Next In Line (Magnetic Problems)
31. Pamila Tiffins: Shake That Beat (Bang City)
32. Jags: Back Of My Hand (Evening Standard)
33. Gentleman Jessie & his Men: Going Out Of My Mind (Douchemaster)
34. Ramones: Oh Oh I Love Her So (Leave Home)
35. Portugal Japan: Boy Meets Girl (s/t)
36. Love Boat: Love Boat Song (Shake Your Ass)
37. Beat Beat: Lock The Door (Spin The Bottle)
38. Yolks: Don't Blame Me (Bachelor)
39. Nodzzz: I Don't Wanna Smoke Marijuana (Make A Mess)
40. Black & Whites: Savage (s/t)
41. Quan & the Chinese Take Outs: Scrap It (demo)
42. Lulu's Marble: Candy (Love Rock)
43. Los Creeple People: Lookin' 4 Love
44. Primordials: She's A Girl (Fourteen Prime Numbers)
45. Fallen Leaves: Trouble (EP)
46. Primate 5: I Need You Luh (Goodbye Boozy)
47. Mummies: A Girl Like You (Death By Unga Bunga)
48. Riots: Tell Me Tonight (Love After)
49. Trash 5: I Gotta (Lucid Dreams Of Dr Seed)
50. Brimstone Howl: Children Of Perdition (Boom Chick)
51. Firewalkers: Let's Do The Twitch (Nervous Breakdown)
52. Pappys: Baby Baby (s/t)
53. Cheap Time: Wild Life (Douchemaster)
54. Los Idiotas: Una Vez Tuve Tu Amor (Slovenly)
55. Shit Eagles: Girls In School (Florida's Dying)
56. Catholic Boys: Sometimes Baby (Psychotic Voodoo Mind Control)
57. Dinette Set: First Name Initial (Rockers And Recliners)
58. Dishrags: Love Is Shit (Love/Hate)
59. Mugwumps: That Heartbeat (Banana Brain)
60. Boys Club: 2-D World (Bachelor)
61. Boys: I Call Your Name (s/t)
62. Raxola: Steal It (s/t)
63. CoCoComa: She Gets To Heavy (Holds Too Tight) (s/t)
64. Loli & the Chones: Hot And Bothered (PS We Hate You)
65. Sonic Chicken 4: Too Much To Drink Last Night (s/t)
66. Goodnight Loving: Another Foggy Yesterday (Crooked Lake)
67. Reverend Beatman: Another Day Another Live (Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash 2)
68. Bob Urh & the Bare Bones: There She Is (Swamp-o-delic)
69. Bob Burns & the Break Ups: Who's That Girl (Frustration)
70. Morning Shakes: All Fucked Up (Wallabies)
71. Kill-A-Watts: Let's Get High Voltage (Flying Bomb)
72. Modern Primitives: Jobs Are For Squares (s/t)
73. Last Sons Of Krypton: Ready Aim Fire (s/t)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/04/08

1. Don & Dewey: Baby Gotta Party (Specialty)
2. Richard Berry: Yamma Yamma Pretty Mama (RPM)
3. Tiny Kennedy: Strange Kinda Feeling (Groove)
4. Bobby Johnson: Oh Baby (Wild And Frantic)
5. Noisy Boys: What's Damn Wrong (What's Damn Wrong)
6. Zantees: Tic Tac Toe (Midnight)
7. Royal Deuces: Red Hot Gal (Introducing The...)
8. Santos: Crazy Crazy Loving (Wild Records Presents...)
9. Starline Rhythm Boys: Do A Little Wrong Tonight (Better Luck Is Just A Bar Room Away)
10. Mean Devils: Don't Stop The Rock Bop (Outta Space Bop)
11. Shelby Smith: Rockin' Mama (Rebel)
12. Dell Vaughn w/the Fortune-aires: Rock The Universe (Fortune)
13. Don Willis: Boppin' High School Baby (Satellite)
14. Elvis Presley: You're A Heartbreaker (Sun)
15. Phil Gray & his Go Boys: Pepper Hot Baby (Rhythm)
16. Bobby Roberts w/the Highpockets' Delta Rockets: Big Sandy (Sky)
17. Buck Stevens & the Buckshots: My Baby Left For Hawaii (s/t)
18. Junior Marvel & his Hi-Flyers: I Wanna Love My Baby (Stompin' At The Hillbilly Boogie Barn)
19. Mars Attacks: Circle Of Love (Circle Of Love)
20. Bobby Freeman: Betty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes (Josie)
21. Dusty Chance & the Allnighters: Bop It (Savage)
22. Charlie Hightone & the Rock-its: Tryin' To Guess Your Blues (Rock It Man, Rock It)
23. Dave Del Monte & his Cross Country Boys: Big Fool (Cross The Line)
24. Randy Rich & the Poor Boys: I'm A Hepcat (The Way You Came)
25. Velveteens: Chim Bam Bah (Party Party Party)
26. Trash 5: I'm Gone (The Lucid Dreams of Dr. Seed)
27. Los Idiotas: The Blob (Slovenly)
28. Hidden Charms: Don't Hide Your Charms (Kleingeld/My Ruin)
29. Carbonas: I'm A Schiso (s/t)
30. Beat Beat: Washing Machine (Spin The Bottle)
31. Forbidden Tigers: Neanderthal (Magnetic Problems)
32. Hipshakes: OK Alright (Slovenly)
33. Losin' Streaks: Hate (Sounds Of Violence)
34. Estrogen Highs: She's Gone Missing (Never Heard Of It)
35. Cool Jerks: Telling No Lies (This Is It)
36. Headcoats: I'll Make You Mine (Headcoats Down)
37. Coconut Coolouts: Spell It Out Dummy (Seeing Eye)
38. Hex Dispensers: Lose My Cool (Douchemaster)
39. Toyotas: Girl On Channel 2 (P.Trash)
40. Nodzzz: I Don't Wanna Smoke Marajuanna (Make A Mess)
41. Cheap Time: Handy Man (Douchemaster)
42. Hell On Heels: Can't Buy Cool (Dogs, Records And Wine)
43. Browny Circus: Super Surf Jet Girl (Super Surf Jet Girl)
44. Queers: Another Girl (Don't Back Down)
45. Makeouts: Still Love You (Radio Obligato)
46. Gito Gito Hustler: What's My....? (Big Neck)
47. Wax Museums: Disco Ball (World's Lousy With Ideas)
48. Slab City: Milwaukee's Beast (Slovenly)
49. Fallen Leaves: Revenge (Parliment)
50. Quitters: Monkee Suit (Second Album)
51. Riots: Are You Gonna Love Me (Love After)
52. Hi-Risers: Once We Get Started (Once We Get Started)
53. Cleopatras: On The Beach (Perdurabo)
54. Sonic Chicken 4: On My Way (s/t)
55. Modern Primitives: I Might Be Your Friend (s/t)
56. Skunks: Earthquake Shake (Bloodstains Over Texas)
57. Intellectuals: Oh Frued (Invisible Is The Best)
58. Cat Burglars: Poison Party and the next one too (Tooth Decay)
59. Busy Signals: Stereo (s/t)
60. CoCoComa: I Swear (s/t)
61. Len Price 3: Girl Like You (Rentacrowd)
62. Head: Spend The Night Alone (Goner)
63. Young Man Psycho Blues: Teenage Rockers (Teenage Rockers)
64. Yolks I Found Love (no label)
65. Reverend Beat-Man: I'm Over With You (Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash vol.2)
66. Staggers: Black Hearse Cadillac (Ballroom Bash!)
67. Popetts: New Year (Bachelor)
68. Brutal Knights: Information Overload (Feast Of Shame)
69. Alrightees: Whatcha Doin' Girl (Boom Chick)
70. Chinese Lungs: Outta My Head (Gaphead)