Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/25/07

Rockin' R's: The Beat (Tempest)
Marie Williams: Cat Scratchin' (Smart)
Boulevards: Chop Chop In The Wall (Everest)
Don Apilado: The Pigeon (L.A.D.)
Joey Mancuso: Cool Cat Crawl (Triple A)
Rickey Coyne & his Guitar Rockers: Rollin' Pin Mim (Event)
Lynette Morgan & the Blackwater Boys: Don't You Lie To Me (s/t)
Smith's Ranch Boys: How Baby How (Barnyard Favorites)
Arsen Roulette: Gone Crazy (Lost Recordings)
Art Adams & the Rhythm Knights: Dancing Doll (Cherry)
Jackie Lee Cochran: Riverside Jump (Sims)
Bobby Dean: Just Go Wild Over Rock And Roll (Chess)
Georgie Manis: Hep 2 3 4 (Eclaire)
Dale Hawkins: Wild Wild World (Checker)
Rudy Grayzell: Judy (Sun)
Bobby Poe & his Poe Kats: Rock And Roll Record Girl
Red & the Pepperpot Boys: Pin Up Peggy (s/t)
Mel Robins: Are You With Me (Chess)
Mel McGonnigle: Rattle Shakin' Mama (Rocket)
Tex Pederson: & his Sunset Ramblers: Rockalene (Aragon)
Bobby Wayne & the Sing Trainers: Swing Train Twist (Bonita)
Elroy Dietzel & the Rhythm Bandits: Shang-hai Rock (Bo-Kay)
Tabbys: Hong Kong Baby (Chop Suey Rock)
Red "Hot" Russell: Pedro Joe (Porter)
Creep & the Deacons: Betty Lou's Got A New Tattoo (Wildsville)
String Kings: Bloodshot (Gaity)
Dean Carter: Hannah Hannah (Call Of The Wild)
Nomads: Demolition Girl (Eternally Ours)
Valadoras: Paul Weller (Thunderbay)
Armitage Shanks: She's Too Perfect (Takin' The Piss)
Switch Trout: Lipstick On Your Collar (Eternally Ours)
Chesterfield Kings: Outtasite! (Psychedelic Sunrise)
Tu Seras Terribelment Gentille: Terrified (Born Bad)
Burning Hatreds: Bad Little Girl (Bug House)
Mach Pelican: She's A Mod (Radio Action)
Back CC's: No More Gasoline In My Car (demo)
Pnuemonias: Computer Girl (Frantic City)
Boys: Tumble With Me (s/t)
Lookbacks: So Far Away (demo)
Keen Monkey Work: Primitive Pop (Slow Pork)
Touch-Me-Nots: Any Other Way (Sheldon Munn)
John Schooley & his One Man Band: Aberdeen Mississippi (One Man Against The World)
Intellectuals: Oh Freud! (Invisible Is The Best)
Despondents: Gotta Get Away (demo)
CPC Gangbangs: Teenage Crimewave (Die Slauterhaus)
Ape City R&B: She's Candy Coated (Jenasol)
Len Price 3: Julia Jones (Rent A Crowd)
Mark & the Spies: But I Do (s/t)
Satelliters: You Can't See (Where Do We Go)
Outta Place: Things Are Different Now (We're Outta Place)
Staggers: Little Girl (Teenage Trash Insanity)
Swingin' Neckbreakers: Shakedown (Shake Break)
Peter Berry & the Shake Set: A Hint Of Romance (For Goodness Shake)
Hi-Risers: Double Up (In The Spotlight)
Great Mongoose: That Girl Can't Dance (Hong Kong Baby)
Milkshakes: She's The Kind Of Girl (...In Germany)
Devilles: High Blood Pressure (Gamma Knee Kappa)
Riptides: I'm In Love (Hang It Out To Dry)
Implicits: Give Me Justice (Riot City)
Big Beats: Under Arrest (Wildsville)
Bop Kats: Here Comes The Fuzz (Bop Kat)
Romance Novels: Another Summer (Pizza Party)
Knotts: It's Alright Baby (Star Time)
Slab City: Milwaukee's Beast (Slovenly)
Tonight: Germ Girl (Freaked Out Frequencies)
Heartattacks: Stay Away (Ken Rock)
King Automatic: It's A Girl Thing (I Walk My Murderous Intentions Home)
Wildebeests: Secret Agent Man (Sticky Death Molecule)
Doctor Explosion: Peep Show Baby (Totus Totus)
Wax Museums: Traffic Violation (Douchemaster)
Live Fast Die: Got Nitedo (Boom Chick)
Krunchies: Tornado Of Stupidity (Certified PR)
Epsilons: Problems (Killed 'em Deader 'n A Six Card Poker Hand)
Del Lames: Screwed Up (Totally Lame)