Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/11/07

Jimmy Rhodes & the Shuffles: I Wanna Go (Jason)
Wink Lewis w/Buz Busby & Band: Zzztt Zzztt Zzztt (Tone)
Freddie Montell: Stop And Rock (Ermine)
Lenny Dean & the Rocking Chairs: Girl Of Mine (Recorte)
Jimmy Thorton & the Cavaliers: Pretty Baby I Saw You Last Night (Sparkette)
Curley Money: Huricane Baby (Rambler)
El Rio Trio: Bad Moonshine (El Gringo)
Flat Foot Shakers: My Little Baby's Going Rockin' Tonight (s/t)
Junior Marvel: Hi Fly Bop (Ritual Rockabillies)
Hot Shots: I Get So Lonely (Jubilee)
Wildfire Willie & the Ramblers: My Gal From Kokomo (Box Set Collection)
Jet Darren & the Doggone Riders: Mad Gal (Ritual Rockabillies)
Gene Summers w/the Rebels: Gotta Lotta That (Norton)
Sonny Flarahty: My Baby's Casual (Spangle)
Eddie Craig & the Downbeats: Craig's Crazy Boogie (Dominion)
Rod Little Trio: Roll Over Beethoven (Book)
Blonde Bomber: Strollie Bun (Too Much Going On)
Ray Agee: Wobble Lou (Spark)
Royal Deuces: Red Hot Gal (Introducing...)
Donnettes: Dynamite (Pitchin' Woo)
Round Up Boys: Bandstand (Lift Off)
Milestones: Flamin' Mamie (Ritual Rockabillies)
Omar & the Stringpoppers: Take Off Rhythm (Take Off Rhythm)
Texabilly Rockets: Bop Won't Stop (Bop Potion No.5)
Skip Newell & the Mustangs: Roadrunner (Rumpus!)
Belles: Melvin (Riot City!)
Fleshtones: Cara-lyn (Blast Off)
Les Sequelles: Cocktail Monotone (Et Tant Pis Si Cela Vous Deplait)
Del Lames: Come Bowl With Me (Totally Lame)
Romance Novels: Baby Lookin' Atcha (demo)
Elektras: Nous Sommes Les Elektras (Bachelor)
Lulu's Marble: Roadrunner (Love Rock)
Thundercrack: I Don't Mean Maybe / Another Girl Has Got To Go (Royal)
Chesterfield Kings: Outtasite! (Psychedelic Sunrise)
Mark & the Spies: This Heart For Another (s/t)
Moberlys: I Want To Be Yours (Sixteen)
Tony Borlotti e i Soui Flauers: Inno Die Flauers (Teen Sound)
Satteliters: Make Me Smile (Where Do We Go)
Crucials: Doe Eyes (Smash Teen Sound)
Maggots: Do The Maggot (Get Hooked)
Hi-Fives: Transistor Sister (Welcome To My Mind)
Basement Brats: I'm In Love (Tales From The Basement)
Hollywood Blondes: Tina IS A Headcase (15 Minutes Of Lame)
Riverdales: She's Gonna Break Your Heart (s/t)
Kidnappers: Spanish Girls (Zaxxon Virile Action)
Ape City R&B: Oh Lil' Girl (Jenasol)
Devil Dogs: Gonna See You Tonight (30 Sizzling Slabs)
Reverend Beat-man: I Wanna Know (Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash)
Mojomatics: The Last Train (Songs For Far Away Lovers)
Burgundy Run: Stop! (Teen Jangler Blowout)
Big Beats: Beware (Garage Punk Unknowns)
Fink Muncx Four: Coffe Tea Or Me (Garage Punk Unknowns)
Boys: Long Tall Shorty (s/t)
Eddie Angle w/the Hi-Risers: Love Is A Swingin' Thing (...Meets The Beatles)
Peter Berry & the Shake Set: Somebody Tell Me (For Goodness Shake)
Jet Boys: Baby Doll (Teenage Thunder Revisited)
Batman & Robin: Who The Fuck Is Superman (Bachelor)
Morticia's Lovers: Smash The Radio (Smash The Radio)
Sonics: Psycho (Here Are The...)
Epsilons: You're A Liar (Killed 'em Deader 'n A Six Card Poker Hand)
Red Barons: Roller Land (Tour Of Duty)
Kill-A-Watts: Kill-A-Watts (Kryptonite)
Cococoma: Fever (Covert Pop)
Brimstone Howl: Tomahawk (Guts Of Steel)
Magnetic IV: Baby You're No Good (Teenage Zombie Riot)
Traditional Fools: I Got A Baby (Chocolate Covered)
Len Price 3: I Ain't You (Rent A Crowd)
Touch-Me-Nots: Burden On Society (Sheldon Munn)
Routes: Tell Me It Ain't So (Left My Mind)