Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Rock And Roll Dance Party 09/04/07

Kact-ties: Let Your Love Light Shine (Shelly)
Prince Jessie: Sarah Lee (Golden Crest)
Gene & Eunice: Bom Bom Lu Lu (Aladdin)
Jim Shaw & the Starlighters: Rockin' Bobbin Teenager (Co & Wi)
Saladin: Tough 'n' Rough (Caricature)
Hurbie Duncan: Hot Lips Baby (Mar-Vel')
Janis Martin: All Right Baby (The Female Elvis)
Janis Martin: Drugstore Rock And Roll (The Female Elvis)
Janis Martin: Bang Bang (The Female Elvis)
Rock-A-Teens: Janis Will Rock (Woo Hoo)
Gene Vincent & his Blue Caps: Jumps, Giggles And Shouts (Bluejean Bop)
Johnny Powers: Mean Mistreater (Long Blond Hair)
Jerry "Boogie" McCain: Courtin' In A Cadillac (The Jig's Up)
Lazy Lester: I'm A Love Not A Fighter (I'm A Love Not A Fighter)
Sugarboy Crawford: Overboard (Checker)
King Coleman: Lookey Dookey (Lookey Dookey)
Jim Burgett: Let's Investigate (Columbia)
Jaytones: Gasoline (Brunswick)
Jets: Drag It Home (Rainbow)
Eddie Eay w/Frankie & the Rocks: Dancin' Girl (Echo)
Rhythmtones: Baby Sue (Seminole)
Lattie Moore: Juke Box Johnnie (Arc)
The Big Rocker aka Lennie Lacour: Rock And Roll Romance (Lucky Four)
Benny Joy: Wild Wild Lover (More Rockabilly With...)
Ambertones: Cruise (Era)
Dynamites: Walkin' The Dog (Young Sound R&B)
Kaiser George & the Hi-Risers: Fine And Dandy (Transatlantic Dynamite)
Peter Berry & the Shake Set: Bad Boy (For Goodness Shake)
Del Lames: Feel So Lame (s/t)
Monkey Butlers: One Thirty Ape (Baby Doll)
Zodiac Killers: I Wanna Be A Porn Star (Radiation Beach)
8th Route Army: Vice Presidente (Nihilist Olympics)
Angry Samoans: Right Side Of My Mind (Inside My Brain)
Sonics: The Witch (Here Are The...)
Rolling Stones: Hitch Hike (Out Of Our Heads)
Lulu's Marble: Girl Give Me Love (Afro Girl)
Four Slicks: Goin' Away Baby (s/t)
Jerk Alert: Murder (Eradicator)
Red Barons: Right Behind You Baby (Tour Of Duty)
Wax Museums: X-Ray My Brain / Cathode Love (Rehab)
Boris The Sprinkler: Yeah Yeah (Mutant Pop)
Bo Street Runners: Bo Street Runner (Bo Street Runners / Soul Agents)
Bob Vaught & the Renegades: Bo' Gator (Bo Did It)
Elektras: Nous Sommes Les Elektra (Bachelor)
Milkees: Your Love Is Like A Heatwave (s/t)
Mary Weiss: I Just Missed You (Dangerous Game)
Len Price 3: Medway Eye (Chinese Burn)
Decibels: Create Action (Create Action)
Coconut Coolouts: Swim (Heads Up)
Sellcancers: Flight To Mercury (Wild Sazanami Beat 3)
Golden Cups: Do You Know I Love You (The Golden Cups Album)
Playboys: Sevidevi De Yuko (G.S. I Love You)
Tempters: Boom Boom (First Album)
Outcasts: Long Tall Sally (G.S. I Love You)
Takashi Takag: Tokyo A Go Go (Japanese Rockin' Psych And Punk)
Jaguars: Do The Whip (G.S. I Love You Too)
John Schooly & his One Man Band: Miss Maybelle (One Man Against The World)
Them: Don't Start Cryin' Now (The Story Of Them)
Movers: Leave Me Loose (1-2-3-4)
Spyder Turner: Ride In My 225 (Whip, Wobble And Grind)
Jacko: A Little Bit Of Everything (Wand)
Contours: You Get Ugly (Motown)
Johnny Brooks: Pig Latin (Whip, Wobble And Grind)
Epsilons: Papa Told Me (Killed 'em Deader 'n A Six Card Poker Hand)
Anomolys: Nat Approved (Slovenly)
Ape City R&B: She's Candy Coated (Limited Publishing Guild)
Morning Shakes: All Fucke Up (Wallabies)
Aversions: Black Alibi (In Style)
Contaminators: No Friends (Going Underground)
Yolks: My Baby Ain't High Class (no label)
Tuff Bananas: Firebug (Dusty Medical)