Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/28/07

McKinley Mitchell & the Rhythm Rockers: Rock Everybody Rock (Boxer)
Mon-Vals: Cool Cat And His White Bucks (Pen-Joy)
Bobby Peterson: Mamma Get Your Hammer (V-Tone)
Premiers: Jolene (Dynamite Groups Sounds)
Ronnnie Love: Shakin' And Breakin' (Dot)
Joe Tex: Davy, You Upset My Home (King)
Deke Dickerson & his Ecco-fonics: Worlds Greatest Sinner (Mr. Entertainment)

Big Bo & the Arrows: Big Bo's Iron Horse (Twistin' Rumble)
Royal Playboys: Goodbye Bo (Mello Jello... For Mello Muffins)
Hank Moore: Knock Kneed Rooster (Four-Five)
Sinners: Nightmare (Eden)Tony Bassett: Rockin' Little Mama (Orchid)
Skinny McGhee & his Mayhem Makers: Riot In The Barnyard (99 Years)

Star Devils: Flippin' Flo (The Devils Music)
Boyd Bennett & his Rocket: You Upset Me (King)
Ronnie Self: You're So Right For Me (Columbia)
Billy Nix: Get With The Beat (Mar-Vel')
Little Eddie Love: Come Runnin' To Me Mama (Screaming Rock And Roll)

Artie Wilson: Tarzan (Cannady)Jack Hammer: Twist Talk (Oriole)
Ric Cartey: Scratchin' On My Screen (NRC)
Skeets McDonald: Heartbreakin' Mama (Capitol)
Carl & his Rhythm Allstars: Don't Stay Alone (Music To Live)
Greystokes: The Legend Of Tarzan (Tri-Con)

Johnny "Guitar" Watson: Looking Back (Escort)
Shangri-Las: Sophisticated Boom Boom (Red Bird)
Los Straitjackets w/Kaiser George: Kitty Kat (Twist Party)
Pacers: You Got Me Bugged (Better Than The Beatles)
Death Dealers: Ooh! My Soul (Mr Pan)
Wax Museums: She's It (Douchemaster)
Ape City R&B: Saturday Night (Infringement)
Cheap Time: Killing Time (Sweet Rot)
Mary Weiss: Stop And Think It Over (Dangerous Game)

Groovie Ghoulies: I Wanna Have Fun With You (99 Years)
Ramones: Carbona Not Glue (Leave Home)
Epsilons: Teeny Boppers (Killed 'em Deader 'n A Six Card Poker Hand)
Plastiques: Skip With Me (101)
Coconut Coolouts: The Spinaround (Heads Up)
Dogmatics: Shithouse (Like I Used To Do) (Everybody Does It)
Richard Barrett: Snake And The Bookworm (20th Century Fox)
Mr. Lucky & the Gamblers: Take A Look At Me (Jump, Jive And Harmonize)
Jet Boys: I'm So Crazy (Teenage Thunder Revisited)

Brutal Knights: You Can't Fire Me I Quit (Feast Of Shame)
Teeners: Ms. 45 (Super Secret)
Underthings: Shake Me Just A little Bit More (Vanna-Tee)
Terrys: Stop Dance (60's Japanese B-Grade Rock And Roll)
Unbelievable Uglies: Get Straight (Hipsville)
Chesterfield Kings: Up And Down (Psychedelic Sunrise)
Frank Ventura & the Crescents: Pain (Hang It Out To Dry)
A-Bones: A-Bomb Bop (Free Beer For Life)

Dukes Of Hamburg: Off The Hook (Some Folks)
Beat Merchants: Pretty Face (The Beats Go On)
Barracudas: I'm A Lover Not A Fighter (Blutto's Revenge)
Downliners Sect: Sect Maniac (Columbia)
Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire: Walking Off The Map (Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall)
Len Price 3: A Girl Like You (Rent A Crowd)
Morey & the Amsterdams: Long Time Waiting (Under The Covers)
Monkey Butlers: Ook Ook (Baby Doll)

Trashmen: Bird Dance Beat (Soma)
Batman & Robin: Batmobile (Bachelor)
Rock And Roll Adventure Kids: Yee Haa (Vida Loca)
Cockroaches: Sweet Blue Eyed Darling (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
Nasty Habits: Nasty Habits (Die Slaughterhaus)
Heart Attacks: Stay Away (Ken Rock)
Final Solutions: In A Coma (Songs By Solutions)
Ultra Twist: Bubka (Bubka)
Kilroy!: She's Mine (Introducing...)

Terminals: Your Lies (Forget About Never)
Tu Seras TeriblemenT Gentile: Boys (Born Bad)
Leopold Jraus Wellenlapelle: Tittisee Twist (Wild Sazanami Beat)
Miki Obata & the Outcasts: Jean Jean (60's Japanese B-Grade Rock And Roll)
Clockwork Onions: She's My Baby (Modern World)
Long Island Sound: Skid Row (Dynavoice)