Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/21/07

Johnny Watson & the Night Owls: Let's Rock (Cactus)
Doyle Madden w/Merl Lindsey's Oklahoma Night Riders: Gonna Learn To Rock (Hu Se Co)
Quarter Notes: The Interview (RCA)
Jet Streams: Get Off The Phone Phoebe (Decca)
Upsetters: Upsetter (Little Star)
Kenny Owens: Frog Man Hop (Ruth)
Beverly Sisters: Oh Ricky (Mar-Vel')
Barker Brothers, Monty & Fred: Hey Little Mama (Kent)
The Phantom: Hey Bop Bop (Rock & Rock-A-Billy Again)
Roy Kelly: Rock And Roll Rock (Mail Call)
Billy Hall: Shooting Pool (Mar-Vel')
Hank the Cowhand: She's A Humdinger (Cozy)
Crazy Joe & the Mad River Outlaws: Chopped, Slammed And Twangin' (Chopped, Slammed And Twangin')
Star Devils: Red Hot Ridinghood (The Devil's Music)
Texabilly Rockets: I'm Gonna Do It Right (Bop Potion No.5)
Kip Tyler & the Flips: Ruble Rock (Ebb)
Jackie Lee Cochran: Pity Me (Spry)
Jessie Lee Turner: Shake Baby Shake (Carlton)
Chuy & the Bobcats: Little Lin (Losing My Mind)
Sonny Hines: Has Anyone Seen My Kitty (Total Degeneration)
Lancers: My Little Girl (Panther)
Travis Wammack: Night Train (Atlantic)
Woody & Dave: Shut Ups (Bullseye)
Medallions: Blowin' Through Yokohama (Blowin' Through Yokohama)
Erwin Rucker & his Blues Night Hawks: Done Done The Slop (Duplex)
Combonaires: Wicked (Total Degeneration)
Sir John & the Starfighters: Lost John (Die Ruhrgebeat Szene)
Peter Berry & the Shake Set: Somebody Tell Me (For Goodness Shake)
Fabienne Delsol: Tat's The Way To Do It (Between You And Me)
Tuff Bananas: Nite Time (Sha La La La Oh) (Three Dimensional)
Batman & Robin: Whaterver! I Hate Rock And Roll! (Bachelor)
Goggle A: Champagne Twist (Wild Sazanami Beat)
Wax Museums: Traffic Violation (Douchemaster)
Youths: Zombie Youth (Criminal IQ)
Shanks: Cut Me (Boom Chick)
Fucking Eagles: Stop And Think It Over (One Million Dollars Worth Of Music)
Don & the Goodtimes: Lip Service (The Original Northwest Sound)
Preston Epps: Sing Donna Go (Embassy)
Sam The Sham & the Pharaohs: Monkey See Monkey Do (The Wolly Bully Years)
Ultra Twist: Nuclear Bomb (Bubca)
Poor Boys: I'm Gonna Spend My Money (Apollo)
Steve & the Holidays: Unemployment (The Big Itch)
Touch-Me-Nots: Imbe-Style (Sheldon Munn)
Eegos: One To Miss (Shake No Action)
Spread Eagles: She's A Drag (9-11 Is A Joke)
Coconut Coolouts: Swim (Heads Up)
Electras: Say You Love Me (Bachelor)
M-80's: Best Kisser (Boom Chick)
Alrightees: Whatcha Gonna Do Girl (Boom Chick)
Intellectuals: New Ball_ance (Vida Loco)
Epsilons: Drunk On Love (Killed 'em Deader 'n A Six Card Poker Hand)
Stabilizers: She Wants It All The Time (Wanna Do The Wild Plastic Brane Love Thing?)
Low Point Drains: I Love Chocolate (Very Rare/Unreleased Crap)
Sexual Slurs: Yr Everything I Hate (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
Felt Ups: Cover Girl (Hate)
Betsy & the Teen Takeover: That's Cool, That's Trash (demo)
Screaming Shambles: House Of The Rising Mouse (Sonic)
Gerry & his Comets: Shakin' All Over (Die Ruhrgebeat Szene)
Pearl Harbour: Fujiyama Mama (Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost Too)
Clorox Girls: Le Banana Split (J'aime Les Filles)
Wyx: Lies Lies Lies (Artisjus)
Suspicions: First Love (Bachelor)
Boys Club: Gotta Get Right (Almost Ready)
Los Blankitos: You Make Me Drool (Discos Chango)
Les Cockroaches: Shooby Doo Wah (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
Mark & the Spies: But I Do (s/t)
Len Price 3: No Good (Rent A Crowd)
Thee Jenerators: Rockahula (The Kids Are Not Alright)
Hawaiians: Hawaiians Wanna Dance (Hula On Mars)
Spazzys: My Boyfriends Back (Aloha! Go Bananas!)
Pussycats: Chick-A-Boom (Hell Yeah!)
Handsome Stranglers: Mad Man Stomp (Savage)
Invisible Men: Hunt You Down Like The Dog You Are (Estrus)
Boonaraaas: Out Of Sight (5 Steps Ahead)