Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rock And Roll Dance Party 08/14/07

Sonny Fisher: Pink And Black (Starday)
Rock-A-Tunes: Rock And Roll Hepcat (Rock-A-Tune)
Buddy Sharpe & the Shakers: Fat Mama Twist (Too Much Goin' On)
Mr. P.T. & the Party Timers: Aunt Susie (Wild And Frantic)
Dale Hawkins: Four Letter Word (Oh! Suzie Q)
Sleepy LaBeef: Little Bit More (Starday)
Dave & Deke Combo: Flipped! (Moonshine Melodies)
Star Devils: Off My Rocker (The Devil's Music)
Johnny Carroll: Crazy Little Mama (Rock Baby Rock It)
Johnny Burnette: My Baby Came Rockin' (Wampus Cat)
Traits: Live It Up (TNT)
Barker Brothers: You Can't Stay Here (Kent)
Porky & the Pin Ups: One Little Kiss (One Single Yellow Rose)
Blue Valley Boys: Howlin' At The Moon (The Amazing...)
Blockbusters: I Wanna Rock Now (Antler)
Billy Bland: The Fat Man (Let The Little Girl Dance)
Rick Emmerson & the Sidewinders: Dance With Me (Action Packed)
Downbeats: feat. Johnny Amellio: Jugue (Blue Moon)
Smiley Smith: Voodoo Woman (Apollo)
Guitar Crusher: The Monkey (Talkin' Trash)
Terrifics: Loco (Blowin' Through Yokohama)
Billy Lamont: Hear Me Now (Lookey Dookey)
Emmet Lord: Women (Lookey Dookey)
Flamethrowers: Intensity (Bel-Mar)
Fred Hughes: Shout Mama Linda (Vee-Jay)
Old Miss Downbeats: Geraldine (Too Much Goin' On)
Curios: Chicken Back Twist part 1&2 (Curio)
Coconut Coolouts: The Spinaround (Heads Up)
Spiders: Furi Furi 66 (Let's Go Spiders)
Milkees: Hey Boy! (s/t)
Portugal Japan: Rock And Roll Fun Fun Fun (Wild Sazanami Beat vol.4)
Thurston Howlers: Hey Lil' Buddy (Lodge Party)
Ape City R & B : Dyn-O-Mite (Slovenly)
Low Point Drains: Not Lookin' At You (Very Rare/Unreleased Crap)
Les Sexereenos: Leave Me Alone (Sack O'Shit)
Chuck Berry: Dead Dad (Chess)
Cockroaches: Nobody Likes Me (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
Atomsmashers: Baby You Suck (Rip Off)
Playmobils: Do The Playmobil (International Lifestyle)
Teeners: Hit Me (Super Secret)
Lincoln Trio: Shakedown (The Lavender Jungle)
Proverbial Knee Hi's: Watch Out (Aliens, Psychos And Wild Things)
Shonen Knife: Til The end OF The Day (The Birds And The B-Sides)
Radio Birdman: Do The Pop (Radio's Appear)
Len Price 3: Turn It Around (Rent A Crowd)
Stabilizers: My Latest Obsession (Wanna Do The Wild Plastic Brane Love Thing?)
Dee Rangers: Turn Off Your Radio (Blue Swedes)
Yolks: I Do What I Do (Yolk)
Hatepinks: So The Hateswing Baby (Serh Gut Rock And Roll)
Catholic Boys: Sick To Death (Trick Knee)
M-80's: Soulless (Boom Chick!)
Clorox Girls: Double Moa (Bachelor)
Tuff Bananas: Dance To Rock And Roll (Three Dimensional)
Volume Out!: Fu Ji Ya Ma (Wild Sazanami Beat vol.4)
Slab City: Hyna (Slovenly)
Hipshakes: Hurt My Pride (Tic Tac Totally)
Alrightees: Alrightee Stampede (Boom Chick!)
Spread Eagles: I Wanna Be My Man (9-11 Is A Joke)
Trashwoman: Perversion (Spend The Night With...)
Sellcancers: Iwasirlou (Wild Sazanami Beat vol.4)
Jackie & the Cedrics: Justine (Norton)
Batman & Robin: Who The Fuck Is Superman? (Bachelor)
Nasty Habits: I Don't Care About You / I Don't Wanna (Die Slaughterhaus)
Cheap Time: Spoiled Brat (Sweet Rot)
Giant Robots: Come On Back (Too Young To Know Better, Too Fucked Up To Care)
Stomachmouths: R & B No.65 (Born Losers)
Chandelliers: Color TV
Drag Kings: Midnight Drag OF Paul Revere (Singed DC)
Caps: Who The Heck (Songs The A-Bones Learned Us)
Kaisers: What You Gonna Say (Screaming Apple)
Electras: Say You Love Me (Bachelor)
Epsilons: Stronger Than Dirt (Killed 'em Deader 'n A Six Card Poker Hand)
Sonics: Tough Walk (Busy Body!)
Teemates: Movin' Out (Audio Fidelity)