Friday, August 3, 2007

Rock And Roll Dance Party 07/31/07

Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell: Let's Get Wild (Starday)
Roy Thompson & his Royal Acadians: Hey Mr. DJ (High Voltage)
Montie Jones & his Revvin' Robbins: Moonshine (Jemm)
Harry Carter "The Rock And Roll Apache" w/the Dixie Rhythmaires: Jump Baby Jump (Mar'Vel)
Mercy Dee: Come Back Maybelline (Modern)
Danny & the Del-Aires: Rock-A-Rhumba (Stripe)
Rhythm Bound: Hit And Run (Born To Love You)
Texabilly Rockets: Bop Won't Stop (Bop Potion No.5)
Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers: I Fell Off The Wagon (Have Knees Will Tremble)
High Noon: Ain't It Wrong (Glory Bound)
Sid King & his Five Strings: Crazy Little Heart (Gonna Shake The Shack Tonight)
Omar Romero: Hog Wild (Hog Wild)
Rhythm Bound: Rockabilly Red (Born To Love You)
Glad Rags: My China Doll (Chop Suey Rock)
Henry Henry: Hong Kong Mississippi (Staff)
Earl Hooker: Do The Chicken (My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama)
Tonny Harris: Chicken Baby Chicken (Ebb)
Zodiacs: Another Little Darlin' (The Big Itch)
Clarence Samuels: Crazy With The Heat (Lamp)
Roscoe Holland: Stick Out Your Can (Blowin' Through Yokohama)
Jerry Martin & the Sounds: Janet (Fredlo)
Senators: Loretta (Wolf Call)
Chippendales: Drip Drop (Andie)
Barker Brothers: Lovin' Honey (Kent)
Thor's Hammer: Big Beat Country Dance (From Keflavik With Love)
Les Cockroaches: Sweet Blue Eyed Darling (Solid Sex Lovie Doll)
Rock And Roll Adventure Kids: Hot Dog (Bachelor)
Thee Crucials: Square's Beware (Rob's House)
Hawaiians: Waikiki Playbat Club (Hula On Mars)
Annette Funicello: Bikini Beach Party (A Musical Reunion)
Suspicions: Teenage Heartache (Bachelor)
Gants: Gloria (Roadrunner)
Elecktras: Nous Sommes Les Elecktras (Bachelor)
Ultra Twist: Nuclear Bomb (demo)
Saturn V feat. Orbit: Tiger A Go Go (After Work Session)
Tuff Bananas: Refrigerator Gator (Dusty Medical)
Hipshakes: Do It (Die Slaughterhaus)
Screaming Shambles: House Of The Rising Mouse (Sonic)
Bobby Jameson: Okey Fanokey Baby (Scum Of The Earth)
Clorox Girls: Looking At You (J'aime Les Filles)
Lookbacks: So Far Away (demo)
Mark & the Spies: But I Do (s/t)
Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians Of The British Empire: Joe Strummer's Grave (Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall)
Final Solutions: In A Coma (Songs By Solutions)
Bananas: There She Goes (Aliens, Psychos And Wild Things)
Sound Of Six: She's The One (Party Time)
Kenny & the Kasuals: The Best Thing Around (Nothing Better To Do)
Freakouts: Want Your Love (demo)
King Khan & his Shrines: Les Fils De Jaques Dutronc (What Is...?)
Great Apes: Girl I Want You (demo)
Pussycats: Kung Fu Master (Rock On!)
Reekers: Don't Call Me Flyface (Ry Jak)
Traditional Fools: I Got A Baby (Chocolate Covered Records)
Brad X: Everyday (demo)
Intellectuals: Oh Freud (Invisible Is The Best)
Canadian Rogues: Keep In Touch (Psychedelic States: Florida)
Kings: It's The LCB (Scum Of The Earth 2)
Lidos: Since I Saw You Last (Party Time)
Chris Montez: Go Head On (A&M)
Sneaky Pinks: Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah (Rubber Vomit)
Tyrades: Vicious Rumors (Big Neck)
CPC Gangbangs: Teenage Crime wave (Mutilation Nation)
Junglers: Nobody Can Tell Us (demo)
Fe Fi Fo Fums: I Just Wanna Boom Boom Girl (Rob's House)
Cheap Time: Spoiled Brat (Sweet Rot)
Heartattacks: Let You Go (Ken Rock)
Ka-Nives: Dear Dad (Lance Rock)
Los Blankitos: You Make Me Drool (Discos Changeo)
Tie Reds: Terilea (s/t)
Pneumonias: Automatic Pistol (Frantic City)
Blackjax: Fooled By A Pretty Face (You Only Get One Shot At The Big Time)
Pagans: Give Up (Everybody Hates You)