Monday, March 18, 2019

Rock And Roll Dance Party 03/18/19

Benny Joy: Wild Wild Lover (Norton)
Rio Rockers: Mexicali Baby (Capitol)
Bloodshot Bill: Do What You Do (Come Get Your Love Right Now)
The Color: Down The Road A Piece (Hodad Hootenanny Too)
Rolling Stones: Come On (Decca)
Kaisers: Little Devil (Rough n’ Rare)
Grey Strokes: The Ballad Of Tarzan (Tri-Com)
Monsters: Jungle Noise (Jungle Noise Recordings)
Manual Scan: Jungle Beat (All Night Scan)

Shutdown 66: She’s Itchy And Fabulous (Corduroy)
Yardbirds: I Ain’t Got You (Yardbirds Story)
Mama Guitar: A Certain Girl (In Mama Guitar Style)
Shindiggers: One Way Street (Maximum Beat)
New York Dolls: Don’t Start Me Talkin’ (Personality Crisis)
Tommy & the Commies: Straight Jacket (Here Come…)
Cheap Nasties: Destroy All Planets (s/t)
No Tomorrow Boys: Get Out Of Denver (Hound Gawd!)
Whiffs: She Lies (Take A Whiff)

Kneejerk Reactions: Bat Girl, I Love You (Indestructible Sounds Of…)
Batman & Robin: Be My Little Cat (Bachelor)
Falling Stars: Real Batman (Black)
X-Rays: Big Brother (Trojan)
Little Becky & the Rag Mops: The Itchy Scratch (CBM)
Les Sexareenos: Everybody Sexareeno (Live! In The Bed)
Midnight Snaxxx: Faded Pictures (Bachelor)
Losin’ Streaks: Time Has Come (This Band Will Self Destruct)

Suburban Homes: Magazine (Neck Chop)
Missing Links: Wild About You (Driving You Insane)
Radio Birdman: Aloha Steve And Dano (Radios Appear)
Eastern Dark: I Don’t Need The Reasons (Long Live The New Flesh)
Bad Sports: Constant Stimulation (Constant Stimulation)
Terry & Louie: I’m Looking For A Heart (Tuff Break)
Personal & the Pizzas: Brain Damage (Oops Baby)
Great Mongoose: Shake Outta Control (1993 -1998)

Stray Cats: Cat Fight Over A Dog Like Me (40)
Shaun Young & the Three Ringers: Things Will Never Be The Same (Movin’)
Arlie Neaville: Boppin’ the Bug (Dean Carter – Call Of The wild)
Johnny Burnette & the Rock And Roll Trio: Your Baby Blue Eyes (Coral)
Real Kids: Can’t Talk T That Girl (No Place Fast)
Devo: Penetration In The Centerfold (Turnaround: B-Sides And More 1978-1984)
Erik Nervous: Do-Do (Nervoloid)
Ruler: Gimme Some Noise (Mangrove/Secret Mission)
Reaction: Talk Talk (Talk Talk – Rare)

Slok: By The River (Holy Motor)
Amyl & the Sniffers: Pleasure Forever (Big Attractor/Giddy Up)
Plastic EP & the Records: Three Special Words (Xerox)
Spits: Wait (Kill The Kool)
Carbonas: Ripped Red Dress (Your Moral Superiors)
Cosmic Psychos: Feeling Average (Loudmouth Soup)